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I joined the local PCA chapter just over a year ago. Covid arrived and no gatherings since.

So there was a mixer and dinner tonight and we attended. I had mixed experiences with the PCA in SoCal  and was pretty wary, but what the heck.

Pleasantly surprised. Mostly nice people, only one difficult guy who said I was the "little brother" because I own a Cayman. I told him I also own an impressive gun collection. He walked away without saying a word.

Mostly 911 variants and some beautiful cars, but....Black Speedster 1Black Speedster 2Black Speedster 3Black Speedster 4Red 356 90 1Red 356 90 2Red 356 90 3Red 356 90 3Red 356 90 4

The stars were the two 356's you see above.

The black speedster may be the most perfect example I have ever seen. The car sports paint laid down in 1992, 16 layers of lacquer! It's perfect.

The car is immaculate and the owner drives it occasionally when he isn't driving his 911.

The red coupe was a basket case until the owner sent it to the magicians in Crawfordsville,  Florida who brought it back to this. Really nice.





Images (8)
  • Black Speedster 1
  • Black Speedster 2
  • Black Speedster 3
  • Black Speedster 4
  • Red 356 90 1
  • Red 356 90 2
  • Red 356 90 3
  • Red 356 90 4
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One d-bag, but all the rest are cool? Just ignore him forever.

There was a guy at the track with a Boxster GTS. 395hp 4.0 six compared to my 295hp 3.4 liter. I lost count of the number of times he had to point me by, cause momentum, proper line, minimal braking and using ALL the track! He should have easily been able to smoke me, but I guess money doesn't make a driver better LOL!

"Little Brother" my ass...

At track days I used to love having guys fresh off the street on Ducati 916's, Yamaha r1's, and Hyabusas see my RS125 in the morning and call it a cute little bike and chuckle at it with their girlfriends.  I just say, "yeah, it IS cute!"

Then later I'd pass 'em railing around the outside of a turn while patting the tail section with one hand to give the "follow me" signal so I could show them the proper line.

The bitsy bike got a lot more respect at lunchtime.  The girlfriends were MOST amused.  Donkey says he's compensating.

Yeah, it's funny, isn't it? I had to have a conversation with the track chair of our club, who in turn had a one-on-one with "GTS". "GTS" wouldn't point anyone by(proper etiquette for DE passing), he kept saying, "but I'm faster on the straights" to which the track chair replied "anybody can drive fast in a straight line" LOL! Then said "point them by, then see if you can catch them and pass them back" and "if you don't you'll be black-flagged".

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