Pdx356 posted:

So what is the PowerPlant here? Horsepower?

From the ad:

"Power comes from a lightweight magnesium case 2.7lt motor sporting PMO carburetors, SSI exchangers and M&K muffler, dual Mocal coolers and all the appropriate upgrades. Lightweight 915 5-speed with factory LTD slip / Wevo shifter transfers power and all SC suspension"

Marty Grzynkowicz posted:

Considering you can't buy one anymore, oh, and if you could the price would be well over a 100k  So, I'd say the prices is pretty ok.  A 2.7 flat 6 with PMO carbs.  Mamma Mia!

$75,000 CD is $56,495.25 USD at today's exchange rate. I know Ray thinks there's depreciation with a car's age, but I'm not seeing it. It's not like the bodies go out of style, and if it still looks good-- comparing it to a new one is entirely in line.

It's a steal.

Unfortunately I checked out the website and it seems you have to wait 21 years the biggest culprit is EPA which has all kinds of stuff to protect the air without allowing any favours for custom build cars.


So we have controlled by the state again if you have a libertarian streak like I do the state becomes offensive...

As a follow-up to our culture here is the state controls everything as a rule and keeps growing I think we may end up sliding in Greece all the way down.

Oh I meant Grease


Not that I am into skirting the laws however, I might consider cutting our the Vin number and welding in a vintage Porsche or VW number.  VW numbers can be picked up very cheap or even free at a junk yard.

   And @Ray, another thing we agree on.  If you want a great read on libertarian ideas, "How Progressivism is Destroying America" by Jim Ostrowski is a great read!

   Too many laws create a climate of selective enforcement which in itself becomes a prejudicial & unjust form of government.  My 2 cents.  

If I wanted to skirt (or flout) the law, there would be much easier ways to get it done. However, I tend to think about the worst case scenario— is the risk worth the worst possible outcome?

For example: in our state, the legislature decided to (kinda/sorta try to) close an enormous budget shortfall by raising registration fees on everything in the state. Everything went up, but most egregious increase was light trailers. An “A” plated trailer (<3000 lbs) registration went from $18 to $118. The ticket for pulling a trailer without a plate is not a moving violation and $100 fine— but they never levy the fine, they just ask you to go get a plate. I don’t lie when I get pulled over, I explain my thinking. The risk of a ticket I’ve never gotten is worth the return of not giving this state another $118 to fritter away, because I pull a size small trailer once every couple of weeks. Given the laxity of enforcement, and the economical potential fine, I wonder why would anybody ever buy the overpriced plate?

On the other hand, bootlegging a vehicle from Canada, falsifying the documentation, and probably skirting all of the customs and sales tax would net someone in the US a really nice car. However, if the fraud is ever discovered, the result of that little act of personal libertarianism would certainly be the impounding of the vehicle, to say nothing of a hefty fine. It would also be a felony or three. If you could stay out of prison, the legal fees would bankrupt you, and the publicity would ruin you. Or, perhaps you just take your lumps in the big house for tax evasion and fraud.

Alternatively, maybe you get away with it and nobody ever knows. I wonder though, what happens when you get in a bad wreck (one where liability is assigned to you). Insurance investigators are not stupid-- they’re going to figure out that the car isn’t what you said it was. At that point, the insurance company is off the hook for the damage you've caused, and everything falls back on you. I don’t know about you, but I like the house I live in, and I’d like to keep living there.

Maybe you never got in a wreck. But once you falsify the paperwork, how do you ever sell the car? I probably never would sell, but I doubt that my heirs would be all that interested in a very expensive replica of a car they don’t care about after I'm gone. In the event of my demise, I would be exposing those I love to a felony charge if they perpetuate the fraud, or a complete mess (straightening it out) if they don't. It just kicks a hornet's nest in their lap. That's not how I'd like to be remembered.  

Lastly, as much as stupid government stuff like this really sticks in my craw (and it really does stick in my craw to an enormous extent), there is the moral problem of lying about something to get what I want. I’m presented with this opportunity multiple times every day— to cut a corner here or there to get what I want. I don't do it in small things, why in the world would I do it in something this big? Sometimes I feel like a sap for not just doing what everybody else seems to be doing to get ahead. But I really do believe that I’ll answer for every one of those cut corners in this life or the next.

As much as I want this car, it’s just not worth it. 

Gordon Nichols posted:

Stan:  Just wait a few days.  Trump my want to buy Canada next and, if he does, the "importing" thing might become moot.  

If I could add a dislike to that comment, I would. Trump wouldn't buy Canada, he'd just come over and steal it. About four years ago the Wife of a popular Carlisle attendee stated in our presence at the Caddy Shack that the US should just annex Canada and Mexico and be done with it. She didn't know we were Canadian until I informed her that we were and I've never forgotten what she said that day. 

 Interesting comment and I think it was tried in 1812 but in true form Many Canadians immigrate to the US regularly ...  Ryan Reynolds in 2018 became a citizen 


 I thought of moving to the US many times myself in reality my family have been here since 1604 in the East Coast and I have relatives that went to Maine  when crossing the border was simply as easy as walking over to go over to the other job today they’re American some of my  more distant relatives are down in Louisiana as Cajuns

In any case it hasn’t happened yet but I try to spend a lot of time in the US soaking up the sun of Florida.

  Finally there is a greater chance of free speech in the public space and liberties than north of the 49th 

I totally understand, Dave, and sorry if you took offense.  We’ve got our own Rob Ford down here and wondering what the heck to do about it.  Every day is another adventure.

However, back on topic; when I was messing around with the RMV here and re-registering my Speedster, they looked up the original VW VIN and could show me (and print) the entire history from when it came off the boat through two owners in Connecticut (both seemed to be relatives), transfer to Ohio then the last two in Massachusetts (I was one of those).  Names, last known addresses, all that jazz including plate numbers and some more info that I didn’t ask about.  I was amazed that so much info was shared between states, but then, maybe I shouldn’t be in this day and “information age”.

 Well you could always buy and register it in Canada and take it home  for summer. Up to 11 months and 15 days then bring it back to Canada and store it 

start over the next year

Kidding of course but hey snowbirds do it   And some snowbirds own a car in the US and leave it there.

I have a neighbour who has a Florida car with Florida license plates that comes to Canada during the summer and goes back south in the winter.

It’s not easy but hey it might be doable on the other hand it could be very time consuming


Sacto Mitch posted:
Stan Galat posted:

 ...there is the moral problem of lying about something to get what I want...

Geez, Stan, how did you ever get elected President of Stanistan?

I’m so glad you asked, Mitch!

Actually, I was never technically elected, per se— I came to office in a time of great turmoil in the Politburo, and have never left office. However, we have no need of elections here, for I am eternally beloved by the citizens. This is why I am “President for Life” here in the People’s Republic.

We are a free people— everyone here is entitled to my own opinion.

Sometimes*, I can even watch what I want (documentaries) on Netflix or Amazon.






(*when Jeanie is doing something else)

At least with Guys like Rob Ford what you see is what you get, not so with the others we have one now that has broken the ethics commissioners rules more than any other PM has ever done in fact no other PM has done those ethics violation in the history of the country.... go figure

@Stan Galat: Isn’t it a pisser that morals and ethics constantly get in the way of us law abiding citizens while politicians and so many others do what suits them at the time? 

   Great comments in your note above. And, yes I try to do it all by the book. My issues with bureaucrats stem from the lack of consistency, knowledge and enforcement protocols when trying to register, inspect or insure anything out of the ordinary. You could end up after waiting in a long line with an overly strict person or a very lenient person at a DMV. And that can make a huge difference in their recommendations for registration.  And insurance guys will quote a price based on something completely different from the actual item if it can’t be found in one of their lists. Yup,  no standards for our cars and no knowledge of what goes into them for the insurers.  It is an ongoing conundrum. With vintage motorbikes and a bolted up a sidecar, you cannot believe the BS you go through. Inspection stations want 4 way flashers on a 3 wheeled vehicle!  Not exactly period correct. It goes on and on.... much to my dismay. A friendly inspection shop and a 20 buck tip can get anything passed.... and on and on... Unfortunately,  doing the right thing for the historic preservation of a vehicle often goes against doing the right thing for the “state.” 

    As a plumber/pipe fitter do you think the 1.5 gallon flush law for toilets actually saves water. Or, does the requirement to double flush to clear the bowl end up using more? Do water reducing shower heads just require us to take longer showers? Or, do they actually cut down on water usage. And, why in cities like Buffalo, sitting on one of the largest fresh water sources in the world do we have stupidly high water bills?  Done venting, just making it through life with a smile! ;-)

Safety Jim Buffalo NY. posted:

Not that I am into skirting the laws however, I might consider cutting our the Vin number and welding in a vintage Porsche or VW number.  VW numbers can be picked up very cheap or even free at a junk yard.

   And @Ray, another thing we agree on.  If you want a great read on libertarian ideas, "How Progressivism is Destroying America" by Jim Ostrowski is a great read!

   Too many laws create a climate of selective enforcement which in itself becomes a prejudicial & unjust form of government.  My 2 cents.  

Eventually you will run out of the other guys money Jim, that is the issue as all principles cost money and preferably the other guys in this case.  

@Safety Jim Buffalo NY.

I'd be lying if I said it didn't bug me sometimes, but generally doing the right thing is it's own reward. It's a good thing, too-- the idea that people do well by doing good is pretty much a con-job.

Of everything you said, the things I agree with most are your comments on laws upon laws, and the need to selectively enforce them to a degree that it's all arbitrary, and left to the discretion of various public servants. This is the very definition of a police state. 


PS: Dad was a plumber-- we do commercial HVAC service and specialize in supermarket cold storage (a niche corner of our small market without a lot of competition), but I've plumbed no small number of houses in my lifetime-- 1.6 gal toilets have gotten WORLDS better in the last 10 years.

Indeed they are better, but still not great. I sold commercial plumbing and heating equipment for about 14 years in the Western NY market. This was back in the late 80's early 90's and no one was happy with the results of those laws that forced on the big manufacturers like American Standard and Kohler.  Technology is finally overcoming the issues. But now its been a couple of decades! And, how many consumers and businesses have the crappy crappers from those first attempts?  Anyway, I always like talking with you guys! ;-)   Off to put the final touches on my new engine install!!!! That makes me smile!  

Replaced all of the toilets in the house last year when Lowe's had some good ones on sale. They are really great and have substantially lowered my water bills because of the selective flush (low/high) feature. Only water out here falls from the sky and has to be transported from the volcano down to our little towns. It's precious, so I for one appreciate the intent of our EPA overlords even if it takes a decade or so to get the impact they hoped for. Sometimes, however, I will admit they do dumb stuff.

Three words: pressure assisted toilet (AKA: ”the bomb”). 1.6 gal, and it’ll take anything you can throw at it. 

In the first house I ever owned, we did two bathroom remodels shortly after moving in. I put in very early 1.6 gal. toilets. They plugged and overflowed probably once a week. I got so mad with one of them that I yanked it off the toilet flange without ever loosening the flange bolts, and put it out by the curb for the garbage man to take. There was just a hole in the floor with a rag stuffed in it for a couple of days until I came to a solution. At least it wasn’t going to overflow.

I went to the plumbing wholesale house and bought one the first pressure assisted toilets ($350, in 1990 dollars) sold in Peoria. We lived in that house 15 more years, and I don’t think the toilet ever plugged once. The next paycheck, I bought another one for the other bathroom.

I put them in every house I plumbed since... until last year when we put gravity toilets in my son’s house during an extensive remodel. We’ve reached the point where Gerber 1.6 gallon gravity flush toilets are the equal of older 5 gallon toilets, but it has taken almost 30 years.

Nothing is as good as pressure assist. 

Yup!  We tried to sell those for every commercial installation.... You can tell when a hotel was built when you can hear someone flush two rooms down the hall!   ;-0      Kohler made a nice one too.  We sold Kohler / Sterling, Gerber, URC, American Standard but avoided the cheapo pots...   Toto came out with the state of the art pot, with a built in water stream to flush out the ummmm well you know what I mean while you are still sitting on the Throne!  You would often hear a, "WHOAAA!" coming from the bathroom in our showroom!  


Sacto Mitch posted:


Stan Galat posted:

...We’ve reached the point where Gerber 1.6 gallon gravity flush toilets are the equal of older 5 gallon toilets, but it has taken almost 30 years...

 This seems to follow almost exactly the prediction of Moop's law, which holds that flush toilet efficiency will naturally double every 20 years.

Familiarity with “Moop’s Law of Ever-Increased Flush Efficiency” makes you a confirmed poopie-head, Mitch.

I mean that in the nicest possible way...

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