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@Stan Galat posted:

If there were no good tires available in 15",perhaps. As there is- probably not.

Mercedes ML’s went from 16” wheels to 17” in 2002. I’ve owned both vintages. TBH, 16” tires are the red-headed step child. There are more good 15” and 17” tire choices than 16.”  You just have to make sure the load rating is correct as most modern 15” tires are made for econoboxes. (Not a problem for our cars)

Eric- my buddy just picked up a wide body CMC and he was playing around with wheels. His Coddingtons are 16” after all. He couldn’t remember if they’re 7”-9” or 8”-10” He said the rears rubbed a bit. But they’re customs. You can get any width/offset you want.

He ended up going with a set of Fuchs instead. (Like I previously posted, the Coddingtons go on his GTS)



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