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OK I am looking to replace the gas cap on my 1957 Vintage Speedster built on a 1968 Beetle. I am looking for something nice, maybe chrome Porsche Emblem,  - any ideas?

Also, my front brankes (discs) squeal like an unknown animal in distress, does anyone know of better squeal shims than Vintage put on (original company owner - Kirk I think)

Thanks any help would be welcome

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I doubt that there are anti-squeal shims in those calipers.   Centering shims, maybe, but no anti-squeal shims.

I've had good luck eliminating brake pad squeal by doing two things.  

First, remove the pads, but note where on the pads the piston and caliper make contact with the back side of the pad.  Slowly, gently push the piston back into the caliper a 1/4" or so with a a big "C" clamp.

Apply some brake anti-squeal gel to the back side of the pad where the piston and caliper make contact with the pads.  Be neat - Don't get it all over everything, just where the caliper/piston touch the pad backside.  This is really good stuff:


Put it all back together, then step on the brake pedal a few times to bring the piston back in contact with the pad and let it sit for an hour or two (or overnight) to let the gel cure, then you can drive it.

Pads can also make noise if it is really dry in your location and the pads dry out, but that gel should fix it.

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