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I'm looking to buy a Speedster near LA that I can check out and drive. Preferably bigger than a 1600cc engine, and minimal miles. Would like a color other than black or silver, with light interior. 

Please private message me with any leads. 


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You should also consider bidding on @Terry Nuckels Terry Nuckles Speedster which is currently on BaT. Terry has been a member here for some time and is well liked (not by me but others) I kid I kid,  and won't do you wrong. He can answer any questions about the car. It has a very nice motor and a five speed which is rare and very expensive to get. The car is in excellent shape and has been cared for very well. 

Terry's car is in Auburn, CA which wouldn't be too far to go to see it.

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Light weight Mahle wheels and Berg 5 speed transmission!

I painted my 914 Porsche that copper color - I saw it on a 924 Porsche.  You probably not see another one that color.  I can't believe bidding is up around $30k yet.

@Troy Sloan posted:

If you're not looking for a Silver car, you probably won't like my Outlaw and if you're not looking for a Super Widebody you probably won't like my Dark Blue Super Widebody, but if you are IT'S A BEAUTY! They can both be seen on my website. 

Thanks Troy. Yeah, I’m not looking for an outlaw nor a wide body. If you hear of a classic speedster availed, please let me know. 

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