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Fixer upper Speedsters are getting scarce. There is one in Nebraska that I know of and there is an unassembled  CMC body kit just out of the crate with no holes drilled etc near you in KY for $6,500 it's posted here in the classifieds. Completed, expect to have about $23k in it but you'll have a new build and they way you like it . 


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I recall a matt burgundy one in Fayetteville, NC for $10,990k.  The matt finish in burgundy just looked wrong.  It's no longer listed on SAMBA.  All are $20k+ there now - peak of the season prices, I guess.  You can do a Craigslist countrywide search too.  Most who advertise on Craigslist are cautious of scammers so you need to find someone local to look at it and lock in the deal in person.



Above is in PA so at least east coast.

I have a friend in Birmingham AL that has a CMC for sale.  It needs a restoration that he has started but he decided to build an airplane instead (brave guy - you can't just pull to the side of the road and make a repair).  

He's looking to get just under $5k for it.  It appears complete - not sure if there is a top, tonneau or side curtains.  He has stripped the body of the majority of the peeling off burgundy paint and it is in grey primer.  Body is straight.  Doors aren't pictured in few photos I have - but he has them.  It has 4 bolt BBS looking wheels with classic KO spinners.  Engine is apart but included.  He has 914 gauges and seats for it.  The body has some subtle tweaks to the fiberglass - the front turn signal light area is raised (not flat like normal) and the wheel wells are just slightly flared - but not to the extreme like the CMC wide body.  It does have some cutouts inside for speakers but they are easily closed.  All parts could be loaded in car with wheels on it for transport.  In AL cars older than 25 years do not get a title - prior to AL the car was registered in FL. I don't want to post his email here - PM me and I will provide it.

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I always thought the classic 356 fender edges looked unfinished - worse so on fiberglass kit cars.  These mild flares look similar to the fender edges on 911 cars.  CMC with IRS have extremely tight (meaning near no) clearance with 5.5" rear stock 914 wheel rims - this would give clearance needed to allow a wider selection of rims and even rear disc brakes.

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