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Hey everyone!

I'm looking for an Intermeccanica Convertible D with the tube frame that I can bring to Canada (if it already lives here, awesome!). Wish I could get @Marty Grzynkowicz's but alas bringing it back into Canada at less than 15 years old is not possible.

Any leads would be fantastic. Hope you're all well. Thanks for all of the knowledge you all share on here. I feel like I've been absorbing so much information as I've lurked on here!



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Well, I know the supply is low, the dollar went south in our country, but I would want to see it, as all the interior in  a car still gets worn, and when you have a 1990's vehicle it is still 30 years old.   Have you looked at a 30 year old lately.  

So I personally would pass without a full inspection, I bought a 5 year old IM and it needed a lot, but there are exceptions as well.  Just saying  

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