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Gordon Nichols posted:

"Lane, I saw your super coupe in the flesh, looked great."

I can just see Sam, once Lane's car was pointed out, sneaking back over there with a Sharpie and autographing it in some obscure place, like up under the dash.  Then, a couple of years later as Lane is crawling under the dash to check or install something, he looks up and sees:

"Sam Brown was here!"

Will neither confirm nor deny

Hey all, it's been about 5 months since my last update and now that I've started getting some regular pictures from Carey, seemed like a good time to share an update on the build.  The first few pictures are from about a month ago when the body was being laminated, and the last few are from today as she's rolling into the body shop. Progress!IMG_3953IMG_3905IMG_3903IMG_3874IMG_3871IMG_4513IMG_4512IMG_4511IMG_4509


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  • IMG_3905
  • IMG_3903
  • IMG_3874
  • IMG_3871
  • IMG_4513
  • IMG_4512
  • IMG_4511
  • IMG_4509

Yeah, absolutely......  Keep the photos coming!  


That shop has expanded so much since I first met the Hines boys in 2004.  They now have quite the operation.  Someday, we should skip Carlisle and all make a pilgrimage to Special Edition for the First Evah, Carey Hines/Kevin Hines and Mike Fincher Blow-Out.  

Awesome BBQ, Deep Fried Turkeys, Local Craft Brews, Zac Brown Band, cruise to the lake, more BBQ and Craft Brews, maybe even have Zac Brown as a Speedstah right-seater.  Sounds pretty awesome.......

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