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Hi guys. I am new here and in the market for a new speedster replica. I have already perused this site and there are lots of great experts and posts, but I thought I’d just ask straight away.

I live in North San Diego, about 5 miles from JPS and 90 miles from Vintage. I am not all that concerned about performance but want comfortable freeway driving. 110 minimum HP but I could be talked into more 😆. I’m looking for reliability, looks and quality. willing to spend in the $40.000’s. I am also willing to wait...

Also, has anyone heard of Beverly Hills Motor Car in Oceanside, CA? They had a classic car showroom in downtown San Diego but are now making replicas exclusively.  Anyone know anything about them?

Thanks to Roy at Cloud9 for your valuable time in answering my questions  if you had a car today I may have bought it!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Mike, it was a pleasure speaking to you today. Here his my advice, Run, don't walk to Greg's facility at Vintage Motorcars of CA and get your order in!!!!  While your dream car is being built if you happen to find a used one that you think you would enjoy, buy that one too!!! When your brand new one is finished you can always sell the used one for as much or possibly more then what you paid for it.

I am sure members here will be happy to share their opinions on the other builders/dealers you mentioned.

Regardless of which way you go, I hope you have a great experience and join the Speedster Madness!!!

A good read-

If you need to read more use the search- there's been a lot more written here the last few years, but the above says it all.

Beverly Hills Motor Car has never 'built' cars- they seem to have an extensive inventory, as shown by their website, but further investigation will show that most (if not all) of those Speedsters don't exist on their showroom floor.  What they will do (I think) is have one built to your liking, with the appropriate mark up.  Now the issue is where will they have it built?  Better to go to the source and have it done yourself without the middle man.

You were asking about the different builders- here's my take-                                            While Vintage Speedsters in Arizona claims to have built the most Speedsters, most of those were built by the company when it was in CA and owned by Kirk and Mary.  The present owner took over when Kirk retired (3? 4? years ago), moved the operation to Scottsdale, hired all new staff and from what we've seen here has had some 'growing pains'.  Some of the cars we've heard about are not quite finished when delivered and needed some 'tweaking'.

Vintage Motor Cars (Hawaiian Gardens, CA) is in Vintage Speedster's location before the sale/move and features most of the old staff.  All reports give Greg (the new owner) 2 thumbs up- he's easy to deal with and his cars are given a good shake down before they leave.

Intermeccanica (up here in Vancouver, British Columbia) builds an amazing car as well.


Hi Mike.  Keep an eye on my website, I buy and restore replica Speedsters and make them nicer than when they were originally built.  Replica Speedsters are the only cars I do. I've been doing it for over 10 years and had over 80 of them.  All of them were factory built by either Vintage Speedsters, Vintage Motorcars of California, JPS or Beck.

I currently have a very nice, like new one with less than 1,000 miles on it and you never know what might also pop-up on my website from day to day.

Here's the link to my website and you can give me a call anytime.

@MikeM posted:

Thanks guys. I appreciate the info.

@ALB Beverly Hills leaves the website up to attract callers. No cars. I believe they started assembling cars because they told me that’s all they do now and invited me to their factory to review their build process. Something strange about the whole thing though.

Do you know who they're buying the shells from?

No. I do not know much except they seem to truly be building. They have photos of their factory in Oceanside and invited me to see their production facilities.

but the real question, not withstanding a checkered reputation, is why would you buy a basically non branded replica. Resale value wouldn’t be there. Probably quality would be iffy given they are new to this. And the price was similar to Vintage and JPS. They quoted me $38k plus for a base model.

There are two factors that should be considered.  The time to get your car and your distance from the builder.  I got my car from Greg at Vintage Motorcars in 4 months and for various reasons been back 4 times. JPS quoted me 18 months he is  over 100 miles away. I couldn't be happier with my car from Greg and there are stories about John at JPS. Greg makes a great car and will do anything you want to make it yours, he is 30 miles from me and that is far enough. Good luck, do your homework, there are many options. Cheers.


@MikeM posted:

..but the real question, not withstanding a checkered reputation, is why would you buy a basically non branded replica. Resale value wouldn’t be there. Probably quality would be iffy given they are new to this. And the price was similar to Vintage and JPS. They quoted me $38k plus for a base model.

This hobby/industry is small enough that I'm pretty sure if their finished product is as nice as what Greg, Carey and Henry put out, word would get around pretty quickly and resale value would be there.  With their rep what it is, somehow I don't think that will be the case, though.  They obviously think that this is a market where there's good money to be made and I'm guessing that (again, given their reputation) they're in for a bit of a surprise.  Others will attest that building specialty cars for resale has a bit of a learning curve...

My experience with this hobby and knowing many people in the hobby is regardless of which manufacture you go with the car will require some degree of sorting. Also unless you lay out very large $ (more than 40k) you will get a pretty basic car. If that is what you want that is great. Like any hobby if you get hooked you will want more HP, more this and that. I would seriously consider working with Troy. He typically gets cars with low mileage from folks that did not get the madness and need to sell. He sorts the problems and will deliver a trouble free car. Plus depending on what the market is doing little or no waiting. The other option is to find one privately and find someone competent to sort it out. Welcome to the madness.

Mike, check this thread. There are a few pics of my Speedster. I was running the Fuch Deep 6 wheels off my 1969 912 on the Speedster, but then decided to put on a set of steel Porsche OEM Lemmerz I had laying around. I prefer the weathered driver look. I had a Jet Black 040 911 for years and hated seeing it get dirty (from the pollen and dust) just hours after a wash. I gave up cleaning my cars. It's my OCD - and that's how I keep my OCD at bay.

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