Hi guys,
Looking for USED VINTAGE SPEEDSTERS, produced Hawaiian Gardens, CA - Kirk Duncan. The speedsters must have following IMPORTANT specifications: 

1. Vintage Speedster must BUILT/MANUFACTURED BEFORE APRIL  2010!!Shown by ORIGINAL title, pre-title, insurance card etc. 

2. Vintage Speedster MUST HAVE VW Pan UP TO 1969! 1970, 71, 72, 73...doesnt work!

3. NO wide body speedster, NO other manufacturer etc! 

4. Transport can be arranged from any place from USA from us! 

5. Preffered colors like silver, ivory, black, red, aquamarin, blue

6. Good, accepted price! 

As a former dealer for VS-Hawaiian Gardens (Kirk Duncans Time) for many years we imported over the years many speedsters and homologated them here in Switzerland. The laws changed from 2010 - so we are only able to homologate VS manufactured up to 2010 - not later!

If you have what we are looking for - please contact us with specific infos about the car, photos (title, insurance card or old insurance card would help having the proof)!

Please e-mail to: pete@avenue-graphic.com

Thank you,
Pete, Switzerland


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