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Here are the photos I found from when I made a pair of "Industrial" sled tins for whan the engine doesn't have/need heater boxes.  Unfortunately, I do not have the paper template that I used and got from someone else on here.

This is a finished tin for the passenger side:


Here is a shot of the passenger side with a J-pipe and the bellows in place.  You can just see the sled tin about 1/4" above the bottom exhaust pipe/J-Tube, shielding the thermostat bellows.


Passenger side with the sled tin mounted.


A close look at the Driver's side with the sled tin mounted.


Here's looking from the driver's side rear looking forward.


Passenger side looking from the rear.


Engine with tins installed, no carbs or intakes mounted.



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Gordon, that is some nice fabrication of tins.

Richard, I made sled tins for my Spyder. It has a 911 fiberglass shroud, so absolutely no factory tins of any kind.

I have an 1 5/8" exhaust with no heater boxes, and elected to run the J-tubes right through my fabricated sled tins. I used .030" aluminum sheet, and attached to the factory spots on the case. On the valve cover side I used an old set of bails to hold the tin. Works absolutely fine, but I don't have a thermostat to worry about.

I can post pictures if you like.

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