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Thinking about having some luggage straps made for the speedster.  A friend of mine, here in Wyoming, is a saddle maker, like Dusty was, and was thinking about asking him to make me some straps.  Does anyone know the length, width and thickness the straps generally are?  Obviously they are adjustable, but was wondering the length of the six pieces to make the three straps.  

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Jim, are your straps some of the ones Dusty made.

@356GS (Greg)

Greg,  a few years back my wife & I took our previous VS to visit Dusty & Sharon when they still lived in Loveland, CO.DSCN0441  Dusty used my Porsche straps as the template for the straps he wanted to begin making. The straps he made were a bit wider. Here are my strap dimensions (click on pics to enlarge);IMG_20200710_112239

Long Strap Dimensions...IMG_20200710_115130 2

Short strap dimensions (overlaid on long strap picture for demonstration)...IMG_20200710_115130





Here are the dimension of my Reutter luggage rack for which these straps were made.20170504_115141_resized

Here is how the straps are attached to the rack. Short strap pictured.IMG_20200710_115925

I hope you find this info helpful! 


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  • DSCN0441
  • IMG_20200710_112239
  • IMG_20200710_115130 2
  • IMG_20200710_113413
  • IMG_20200710_113424
  • IMG_20200710_113108
  • IMG_20200710_113113
  • 20170504_115141_resized
  • IMG_20200710_115925
  • IMG_20200710_115130
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