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Here we go again with the MagnaSpark.
I have mine installed with the MS dry coil. Fires right up / set timing at 30degrees BTC @3k rpm / the RPM stops advancing at 3k rpm with concurs with the instructions - that say the light liver springs are installed. All seems pretty dang good at neutral while adjusting timing and carbs.
I left it stock from the box .
"...this works for most applications."

But ... it  looses power at about 2k rpm , has a hard time pulling up our steep driveway, spits and sputters a bit driving at 3k (but not in neutral at 3k rpm), and gives me a nice little backfire when cold and/or when I turn the engine off. 

After reading the MS instructions, I have no idea which way to go with the distributor spring / bushing adjustment.
(My engine is a 1835 non stroker - cam unknown but feels stock or mild.)

Any ideas?

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Run the factory springs and 32 degrees total advance. 

  I don’t believe timing had anything to do with your running condition. It sounds like the engine might be lean, what is the jetting in the carbs? Also, when did you buy the distributor? We had a run of coils that had some issues. I can check to see if yours might be one of those

It had been running great prior to putting in the MS II.

So I doubt it is the carb jetting.  They are 40 idfs with the CB rebuild kit that enlarged the venturi a bit (I did not see it at the site , so it may longer be available - forgot what you called it.) I did this about 3 years ago, and I trial and error-ed a few different jet combos. I can look it up - don't remember off hand. But after I got it dialed in, it has been running great for a few years.

I bought the coil and MS about a 6- 8 weeks ago. Serial number on the coil package says - CP - 160/2009

Thanks for taking the time to respond. I appreciate the help.

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