I understand but I am from Argentina and our situation regarding the dollar and international shipments is getting worse, I prefer to replicate them in metal myself and I do not see that they are so complicated even with the locking mechanism, but at least I need some generic measures such as To start the construction. Thank you

Sorry should have recognized your Avatar - and recalled you were far south.  If someone could slap them on a scanner and email you the resulting PDF file - that would be easiest for all.  Front 2 are identical - the back just has the lid mounting flange reversed.

Jim Gilbert - Madison, Mississippi posted:

I was working on this earlier in the year but lost interest. These are taken from original Porsche hinge photos and revised because I didn't need the latch. Maybe they will be of some help. Should get you started anyway.

perfect! With this I have to start and see what I can do. Thanks!

Here are some pictures of the 356 decklid hinges that came on my IM.  They were rusty when I got them so I wirebrushed them, rust treated them and painted some POR15 on them to get things under control. Sorry that all the measurements are in inches. Let me know if you need anything else regarding this type of hinge.




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WOLFGANG posted:

There are also angle iron brackets that complete the hinge - they mount to the car.  They should be easier to make.  Here's photo from the CMC build manual.  Do you have a copy of it - very helpful for any build?

Rear -


Front -

I don't have a copy of the cmc manual, where could I download it?

Panhandle Bob posted:

Resources section on this site. You may have to be a contributing member to access it.

ahh yes, then I have tried to see it, but the truth that today dollar 49 in my country is a lot of money, maybe later.
I am just starting with my project so I am reading the site a lot and surely I will make a few more queries, it really is very helpful

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