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It's really only a partial Beck, which is the reason I am digging into this. As the earlier post suggests that this car has Beck components but was assembled elsewhere. Not really sure what actually comes with a unit not assembled by Beck.

The engine apparently is not what would have been installed if it were a turnkey Beck I think.

Just getting my ducks in a row as I am evaluating which convertible I am going to part with this Spring.
The Deluxe Pre-assembled Body Package (DPBP) is the least finished way you can get it from Beck. Even so, all you have to do is bolt on a few bits of suspension that are provided, screw in the lights, and install the drivetrain. The Beck folks have already bonded body to frame, painted, upholstered, wired, installed the top, etc. I'm not saying that a builder couldn't screw it up - it has happened - but they'd have to be pretty incompetent. Your plan to have them look it over and fix whatever they find is a good one. Be happy. Ya done good.
Steve, I don't know what your other car is, but if it's also a convertible and you would use them interchangeably, I'd have to say lose the 'other' car.

Unless it's an E-Type, a Dino or something equally cool ... These little guys become part of the family pretty quickly. Special Edition has some of the best customer service going, so even if Carey and Kevin haven't touched the car directly, I'm pretty sure they'll treat it like they have.

You probably wouldn't get that from Mazda ...
The other convertibles are an immaculate 2002 BMW Z3 3.0L and an equally clean 2007 Pontiac G6 GT. I wouldn't spend the huge money on an exotic as I wouldn't drive it. I barely drive the other two as it is, so at least one has go as I am running out of room.

I wasn't looking for a Speedster, it sort of just fell into my lap.
That was funny, Steve!

There's a certain something to the Speedster, as I'm sure you'll find out when it works the way it's supposed to. The BMW, being well-made of modern materials, will have a great degree of appeal for quite a while. The Pontiac ... well, maybe not so much in a couple years.

I believe (and those smarter than me can set me straight) that GM will only have to support the G6 for a period of 15 years past the date of manufacture. Inasmuch as GM cars are fairly homogenized, you may be able to find what you need for a few years after that, but then you'll be paying a premium for parts to put into a car which might not rate.

It'd be different (for me, and if it were my car) if the Pontiac made you smile every time you go for a drive, but IMHO it's kind of a generic platform design with a little extra horsepower -- and it may not put that smile on your face too many more years before it starts to have annoying little problems.

I'm generalizing, but I haven't had a GM product I was proud of since my beater Olds 442, more than 25 years ago.
I bought the Pontiac to satisfy what I thought was a mid-life crisis, but it was probably because I was bored. Then I got another itch and bought the BMW because I wanted a manual transmission. During this time, junior sort of took the G6 to college, but now it graces my driveway while I administer some "parenting".

As I mentioned earlier, the Speedster was about to be "orphaned" so I was at the right place and time and gave it a home (or garage).

I honestly planned on just selling it, but when it was transported to my house I drove it around the block. That's when it happened. I found myself starting it in the garage any chance i could get and I would just sit in the car admiring it's simplicity (garage door open of course) and listen to the engine purr. After reading some of the threads in this forum, I now realize what was meant by the term "the madness".

I can't wait for the weather to warm up and get it out on the road and drive a car without all of the "technology" as it has been awhile.
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