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I'd never done one of the crater runs with the guys and decided to see what all the hubbub was about. The weather report was for 50% chance of rain so the Ferrari and Lamborghini guys stayed home. About five late model 911s, two tricked out M3s, a couple of Supras, a Shelby Mustang, and a couple of Corvettes joined the fun. We hit solid cloud cover for about 15 minutes half-way up, but then we climbed above the clouds for nice driving weather. No rain at all.

Evidently the usual trek stopped right outside of the top. That's probably because everyone else's age was below the National Parks Senior Pass cutoff (62) and they didn't want to spend tire money to go to the actual crater (cheapskates!).

I can attest to their good citizenship and proper driving habits (except for the M3 drivers - they were using the roads to the fullest extent possible. Fun was had by one and all.Maui Exotics1Maui Exotics2Maui Exotics4Maui Exotics3


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My biker buddy, Scott, convinced us to detour one of our bike trips to visit the Civil War's Antietam Battlefield in Pennsylvania (it's about four miles from the Potomac River Bike Trail).  I thought, for $10 bucks, that we were just paying to get into the Antietam National Park which seemed reasonable, but the cashier hands us all Senior Lifetime Passes!  (We were a small group and all over 62)  

As Mike says, THAT is an incredible bargain and I've used it many times since, at the parks in Utah and the Rockies.  Can't wait to use it on Maui, someday.....   🤔

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