I don't know much about these but is a..." as new" roller Mendeola front A arm and rear coil over suspension chassis with Rack & pinion , 4 wheel discs  and new custom chrome wheels and tires worth $7,900 ?   What is it worth?   

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I think Kevin sells the front and rear suspensions for somewhere around $3,000 each, and if the disc brakes are his (vented discs, aluminum hubs and Wilwood calipers (iIrc) they sell for 1,3000 an end as well. Wheels and tires- $150 a corner? Is it all on a VW pan?

Alan I think I know which one your talking about.  Looks pretty good if it was done right.   Solid base for a speedster for sure. It would be a lot better at $5K though. 



I love that possible idea.   Mendeola Rear (IRS) True Trac  thus Kevin’s (narrowed option being 1 1/8”)  combined with Mendeola T1 Front DWS would be beyond sweet!     


So at $7,900 it looks like they're trying to recoup their entire investment (including the pan).


$3K - $3500 picked up - $4K tops.  Is it in the neighborhood ( East Coast ) or must it be shipped?  If it's up my way I might be able to do a Russian Roulette deal:

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Yeah, I texted the guy and he wasn't too flexible. I got the impression he thought that out of the goodness of our hearts someone would just return his full money. 

I remember a few years ago  being quoted around $10k for a complete Mendeola equipped chassis. 

Seems like a bargain to me.

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