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Back on the market and motivated to sell. Hate to let little blue go, but I have too many other demands on my time and need space in the garage for a new truck. In great condition and ready to drive. 

2,340 miles on the odometer.

Asking $25,000 but open to serious offers.

Original owner and builder: Built from Vintage Speedsters Deluxe Kit. Always garaged. Looks fantastic, runs great. Build book with complete build documentation of the car included.


  • Vintage Speedsters body with flared fenders on modified 1967 VW Beetle frame.
  • Beautiful midnight blue metallic paint (PPG Black Sapphire Metallic).
  • Custom chrome wheels.
  • Matching blue soft top and side curtains. All in excellent condition.


  • White interior with navy blue piping.
  • Traditional speedometer, tachometer and multi-gauge with oil temp and fuel gauge.
  • Custom installed VDO gauges for oil pressure, cylinder head temperature and volt meter with billet surround.
  • CB Performance air-fuel ratio monitor.
  • Hidden Audio stereo with remote.
  • Pioneer water-resistant speakers.
  • Billet cup up holders, door latches and electrical switch knobs.
  • Scat “Dragfast” T-handle shifter.
  • Centech spade-type fuse panel


  • 2187cc Scat "Zero Mile" long block.
  • Dual 94mm Weber Carburetors.
  • Remote oil cooler and oil filter.
  • Empi billet air cleaners
  • CB Performance serpentine belt system
  • "Freeway flyer" 3.88 VW transmission.
  • Kennedy Stage 1 clutch
  • Braided stainless steel fuel lines with AN fittings throughout.
  • Custom sidewinder exhaust with Magnaflow muffler.
  • Electric fuel pump

Too many custom touches to list. Can send more pics and video if you are seriously interested. 


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Original Post

This is a very good price for a Vintage Widebody (it is not a Super Widebody) and I would have already bought it except for the the 3 small gauges in the center of the dash and the lack of information about the registration. 

Just sent the info. Considering what the replicas sold for on Barrett Jackson, you could fill and paint the holes and still by way ahead! (Insert smiling emoji).

Being a vintage, I bet it has a VW title. Personally I like the 'hot rod-esk" approach to the car.  At this price, it could be a good deal for a 'hands on' kind of guy. Troy is oooo so right about the title. I had to do a 5 month bs song and dance with the Ga DMV to get a title for my IM.  If it does indeed have a vw title, that could be  a big plus. If for some crazy reason it got a Porsche title, that is going to be a bit of a battle. IMHO

In Texas it's registered as a "1967 ASVE" with the VW VIN number. Under "Remarks" it says "Replica." That's what it is and how I was directed to do it by the Texas DMV. It's accurate, if nothing else.

The car has an assembled vehicle title with the original VW VIN, but it is not a VW title.  It would require an SB100 title in California and that will require some specific documentation that may or may not be difficult to acquire.

The car is a great buy and hopefully the title issues will be easy to resolve. 

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In Georgia a 'special build' or "reconstructed" or "assembled vehicle"  title would have to have 2 state inspections (along with a small mountain of paper work). And get this,  you cannot drive the car to the inspection station, you have to have it towed.  I can tell you first hand, the Georgia version fits the typical DMV stereotype.  Better be patient. I had a pretty SAS that I was considering, but after talking with these guys, passed on the hassle. (Probably a blessing anyway, because I got the clear titled IM instead.)
Other states it could be a different story. I hope it is. 
I think Troy nailed it, hopefully a guy in Texas will score this car.  But at the right price, it might be worth a few hoops to jump through for someone from the other 49 states. .
Good luck with it. 

calmotion posted:
Alan Merklin posted:

Deleting the 3 gauge dash pod would be fairly easy to do.

@Alan Merklin  would you end up regrading the dash?

Remove the three gauge pod and disconnect the gauge wires. Remove the chrome strip, grab handle, ignition and wiper switches . With a heat gun or hair dryer  carefully peel up the dash vinyl taping it back away from the area to be filled in. Panel Bond the back side of the dash holes with a single piece of fiberglass then Tiger Hair the hole, sand and do a couple of skim coats to even the surface.  A coat of sealer and two coats of filler primer, finish it with matching color. Re-glue the vinyl, replace the chrome strip grab handle  and switches.


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MotoCarlo posted:

I think Troy nailed it, hopefully a guy in Texas will score this car.  But at the right price, it might be worth a few hoops to jump through for someone from the other 49 states. .
Good luck with it. 

The problem in the other 49 states is that you won't know for sure if those hoops can be jumped through until AFTER you buy the car.

Little Blue just sold. Bittersweet day watching her drive away today. Good guy nearby in Texas. Thanks to all of you for your insight and help along the way. I'll still be stopping in to lurk once in a while. Good luck, with my little blue jewel, Sam!

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