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Removing the top is relatively easy, as designed by Porsche. However, since we rarely have rain around here, I wanted it to be REAL easy.

I ordered a set of five 5/16-18 clamping knobs (star shaped) from Amazon for under $10. They replace the normal acorn cap nuts and allow you to totally remove or replace the cabrio in under 2 minutes with no tools. Not everyone's cup of tea, but it might scratch someone else's itch.



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@IaM-Ray posted:

The best mustard, IMO, it really does cut the mustard, it's french don't you know. Oui oui.

Alstertor for me.

I believe I previously posted the story of my family taking a steamship to Rotterdam, then traveling by train to the Westfalia factory to pick up a 1960 23 Window ragtop Kombi with a Weekender camping kit.

While we waited for the train we ate Franfurters in the railway diner and the aroma of that Düsseldorf mustard always conjures that memory.


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