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I was wondering everyone's go to supplier, for misc. hardware. I am trying to assemble my pan, and I'm looking for all of the bolts/parts to assemble the rear trailing arms suspension, including stub axles, bearings, torsions, spring plates.  Also,  other hardware, like the Pedal assembly, master cylinder, front beam bolts/washers.

I currently have a complete beam, narrowed trailing arms, and f+r empi disc brake kits. I need everything else to complete

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The best source of hardware I've found for automotive applications is BelMetric.

I'm in the process of restoring a 1969 Ducati and all the hardware is basically one step finer* than typical modern hardware. So far, they've had everything I needed.

* By that I mean whereas the local Ace will have, say, 8mm bolts in 1.25and 1.50 threads, the Ducati will need a 1.0.

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Eric:   For all those specific metric bolts you can get them Jack at Bug Stuff in PA , 724 786 7000  Tues - Fri 8 - 5 EST . he is the go to guy for both used and new hardware and parts, knowledgeable and helpful. I have been buying from Jack for over 25 years including  parts, axle beams, motors & transmissions. The misc. 8 x 1.25 ...6 x 1.50 etc  metric  get from ACE Hdw.

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@Eric N posted:

How did you guys determine what bolts were required for the given location? Grade, length, pitch?

That's a big old can of worms.

long answer:


Short answer:

Grade 8 fine pitch for anything load bearing, SS for anything else. Every size nut/bolt will have a course and fine thread variant. I tend to use the finest pitch I can for everything, probably not necessary, but it's what I do. *

Someone will probably weigh in, there are some things that may be grade 10 (the bolts that hold the beam to the pan, for instance) but I don't know. That's where the donor car comes in handy as Wolfgang suggested.

*My philosophy is use the best there is. 50¢/bolt makes a difference if you're producing 1,000 of something for resale. Not so much on my one Spyder. Which is probably why I've spent $1,000< at Ace Hardware over the last two years.


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