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I would like to put a couple of these decals on my car. I have bought a couple but haven't really found a place that I like them. I see that most people put them on the panel behind the front wheels. I think I would like a Reiuters Badge there better. (no spellcheck for that one).  I think I like something more subtle than the big flying horse decal.  I found this the other day and I am wondering what your opinion is if I used it to cover the rear license plate light by making a fiberglas component similar to the stock one but incorporating this onto it.  What do you all think ?

I don't remember where I got it but I dug it out of my Biz Bag of rich s__ __t.



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OK.....I agree....gaudy is my word. I guess there's a place for it but not on this car. Just thinking of trim things etc. I really don't want the flying horses either, or the Reuter badge for that matter. I just used that as an example here for discussion. I will have the Plastic Car Club sticker on the windshield and the SOC badge on on the rear grill though................Bruce

PS....Thankes for being candid too !

Lane and Bruce, I saw just the truck for you, about 2 weeks ago at a local C&C with Chris and Lucas.  It was mostly Porsche/BMW cars there until this gem pulled in, which should provide a LOT of inspiration for you both.  

Apparently, it's a 5'th wheel truck, used to haul a big camping trailer.  It's an old, straight 6 Turbo Diesel.  Zoom in on the photos as the attention to whimsy is off the charts.


Great Navajo or Greek seat cover (we couldn't decide) tilt wheel and and hidden A/C.  The engine ECU is tucked up under the dash.


Nice, beefy turbo, since too much power is never enough.


Fuel injector side with the high pressure fuel rail and a YUGE! Bendix Power Steering unit lower right corner of photo - that must be about 80 pounds right there and a bit more than Lucas weighs, there talking to his dad.  The big silver tank is air for the air brakes.     Nice K&N air filter, recently cleaned and re-charged.


Happy looking thing, isn't it?  Lucas loved it - "We should build one of these!"


It took us a while to figure out that these small piston marker lights on the roof actually light up!



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