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I hired Roy Henning of MOFOCO in Milwaukie WI to build me a turn key engine and rebuild my transmission. Total cost was over $7800. Well, the short story is: I never got a new turn key engine. They rebuilt my engine and through on cheap parts, stole all my engine accessories, like the carb, intake, distributer, coil, wires, cap, plugs, generator, clutch, pressure plate and through out bearing. All those items were new except for the carb, it needed a rebuild. The clutch had surface rust do to sitting for a year.


So I sent my car to them for the engine install for $750. Pretty simple job, 4 bolts, seven wires, a fuel line clutch cable and tranny mounts. Well, this is what happen.


My tranny won't shift, he drove it in third gear smoking the clutch for a mile.

The engine would not stay running, and here is what I found.

Intake manifold on 1&2 loose.

#4 wire melted on manifold.

Points wire open connector grounded out to fan doghouse.

Exhaust bolts loose.

Carburetor mount bolts loose.

Electric choke wire grounded out to A/C bracket and melted in wire harness.

Most all electrical wires that they touched and crimped fell off.

Turn signal flasher came off. They worked fine before it got there. Now need to find the correct wires.

Oil leak at mating surface to extended oil pan.

Oil leak at new strainer drain plug.

Coupling on transmission shifter rod to tranny very loose and sloppy. Move over 1/4 inch.

Broken shift rod bushing mount.

Grease on steering column.

Scratched and damages to the car in many places.

Parts were threw in the interior causing damage to seats, carpet and center conceal.

There was so much damage to my car I will take them to court. I drove my car over 1300 miles in 2013 to a car show and won three awards. The engine overheated on the way home, I shut it down and towed it back home. The car started and drove fine to the transport truck 1/2 mile down the road on Sept 30th, 2013. It got dropped off at MOFOCO on Oct 6th or around that time frame.


MOFOCO had my car for over seven months. The engine and tranny should have been done when the car arrived and maybe a two day install and test drive.


Everything they touched they broke.



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Originally Posted by TRP:

I feel for both sides of the situation. We all know the drill, there are three sides to this story. His side, Mofoco's side, and the truth.


If it were a speedster or a subi powered MG then maybe I'd grab my pitchfork and torch.


Ok everyone, the list just keeps growing on everything that MOFOCO touched.

A brand new engine, turn key. Right! I did a compression test and here are the results.

#1 100
#2 95
#3 90
#4 90

I found the shifter was removed and the reverse lockout plate was turned. The shift rod support bushing bracket was broken off and coupler loose.

The transmission could never shift with work like that.

So MOFOCO says they had four people working on my car for the seven, (7) MONTHS it sat there for a two day engine swap.

Now get this! I removed the exhaust header to remove the valve cover to check the valves, and the exhaust stud fell out! YEA, fell out! MOFOCO tried to put in a Helicoil and failed miserable. Not only did they screw up a new head, they screwed up the repair!

Just to let everyone know how many things MOFOCO screwed up.

1. coupler installed way to loose
2. lockout plate was reversed
3. open wires grounding out points from coil to distributer
4. melted spark plug wire on exhaust
5. exhaust headers loose and rattling
6. carburetor intake manifolds nuts not tight
7. carburetor manifold gasket leaks
8. stud on exhaust falls out
9. oil pressure sending unit not installed from original engine matched to SW gage from 1980.
10. low compression on all cylinders
11. TDC pulley does not line up with #1 valves closed when #2 valve rocks. 60 degrees off.
12. Turn signals wiring broken while trying to fix the oil pressure gage????
13. All the wiring crimps MOFOCO tried to do fell off. Did not strip the wires.

This is just a partial list of things found broken or wrong.

Along with all the other damage to my car, paint scratched, grease everywhere, windshield scratched, seats and center console damaged by parts thrown in car, with people like this, who needs enemies?

does this sound like the same engine?


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