Gordon Nichols posted:

Just what we all need.

Fire-Resistant underwear.......

In case you’re doing “Crotch-Pot cooking”   

Is that a 20 y.o. making a joke or is that the year that you needed it ;0 )

Ray, that joke was totally pulled from “Good Morning Vietnam”.

Adrian Cronauer probably never said that (but Robin Williams did) but he had a great following on his “Dawn Buster” show on Arm Forces Radio Vietnam 1965 - 1966

Another AFR Vietnam alumnus?  Pat Sajak!

I liked that movie with Robin Williams.  

Actually, I think that guy suffered a lot but gave the world the gift of laughter .  

I enjoyed him in Patch Adams and other movies like the RV movie as well. 

I am sure his family miss him the most.

in Nam we would listen to Hanoi Hanna when bored,,sometimes good music but the rhetorical BS she was spewing was almost a comedy,their interpretation of what they wanted to say and how they translated was comical..roll me another one..

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