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As I wandered off the reservation with my T1, first with the Chico Performance 2332 and the Chinese Nickies (that split), then with the dry-sump conversion, then with the twin-plug 2276, then with the stupid bee-hives - I've thought many times along the way, "why, oh why, did I not just get a big T4?"

... and now I know.

Thanks for taking one for the team, @Jimmy V. None of us set out to be a cautionary tale, but sometimes the desire for "more" just sucks the life and money right out of us. That motor has broken your bones, and is going for your marrow now. Don't let it win.

We're all pulling for you, and I (for one) want to drive this beast when it's done. I'll mow your lawn, wax your work truck, buy you a beer - whatever. I just gotta' ride this tiger once you tame it.

What a magnificent beast.

I have way too much invested to stop now, almost like the gambling addict that keeps going hoping he will finally win all the money he lost back LOL..  I feel Like I am very close.. This engine will be a bullet proof screamer. I will bring the Puma to Carlisle next year along with the GT4T, I will hold a raffle and the winner drives their choice of the two from Louisville to Carlisle, we can switch halfway so they can drive both. Any interest LOL ?

Reporting on the progress I am making to get the Monster Type 4 engine finished and installed in my Puma. The LE200 heads that had leaking valves were sent back to Hoffman Automotive machine (HAM) and they reported that the ceramic coating company got too happy with the coating and got it on the valve's sealing service. Where was the quality control that should have caught the issue before the heads shipped?

The heads are back and have passed the leak down test. I had bought a pair of CSP intake manifolds which were recommended as the best intakes to use. They are nice intakes but they are shorter than the intakes that I had been using and which were returned to AA with the heads. The Sync Link throttle linkage that I had been using and had some issue with won't work with these intakes and the cross bar linkage won't work either. I have always liked the Vintage Speed bell crank throttle linkage system so I  placed an order last week for one. It took exactly 7 days for it to arrive from Taiwan via DHL. I was pleased with that and have bought from Vintage Speed in the past and have all good things to say about this company. The bell crank center push linkage is super nice and installed easy and seems to work well. It appears to be a way to have the carbs open perfectly in sync. I now have everything in place to install the engine this weekend. I will let you know how it goes. I have high hopes and a positive outlook.

Type 4 with Vintage Speed bellcrank linkage 1Type 4 with Vintage Speed bellcrank linkage 2Type 4 2.8 L CSP intakes 2


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  • Type 4  2.8 L CSP intakes 2


They’re not loading.

But the third looks pretty nice!

I was going to suggest Jimmy invest in a soda blaster to knock off that “mold fresh” look to his manifolds. Then I realized he’s got enough to worry about and I should keep my suggestions to myself.

When I bought my filler, it was too shiny to match the rest of the engine so I gave it all a blast then soaked it in GibbsBrand. I think it turned out pretty nice. 0FFF69C2-BFA4-4A07-9B06-40B120F8573F0CC3E566-1347-4ED2-8612-A36CEC15F7DA


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  • 0FFF69C2-BFA4-4A07-9B06-40B120F8573F
  • 0CC3E566-1347-4ED2-8612-A36CEC15F7DA

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