Petcock is not necessary.  In fact, it might get in the way, unless it's up near the tank.

Yeah.......   Don't over-think this.  It's pretty simple.  All those "additions" that people come up with either over-complicate things or.......    Leak.  Leaking brake fluid anywhere other than the floor is a BIG no-no.

Remember, when you do the bleeding, that will "overfill" the reservoir up to the cap.  When done, move the tank to the floor beside the car and release the pressure down there.  That will gravity syphon the excess fluid out of the reservoir down to the bottom of that little tube mentioned above (end of page 1) which should be right at the fill mark if you measured the tube right.  Once the fluid has leveled at the "fill" mark, remove the bleeder cap and put the regular cap on and you're done (except for discarding whatever fluid is in the tank and drain cups).

So I played with it,and when I did I found it hard to attach the cap unto the reservoir with a long hose attached to it.

My initial try with the white metal unit would of worked but it is not an M connector for the quick connect so since I had M connnectors I swapped it for the M gold coloured and the 1/4 to 1/8 reducer is on the inside of the cap and the threads hold the small piece of tubing. 

You can see the quick connect is now in the cap and you now screw the cap on the reservoir, and attach the hose via the quick connector which is going to the pressure tank. Btw,  the cap has enough extra hose to leave the fluid below the fill mark when your done with the bleed. As per Gordo, (I could adjust the height to perfect level, on the day of) 

This makes even easier than the Manufacturered cap they sell for $40  




 Brake final Brake fittng capBrake initial Brake inside capBrake on reservoir


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Here is the finished product. the tank comes alone, and the hose has an NPT 1/4 female cramped to the line. 

You then attach any adapter to fit your intended vehicle.

So my hose attached with a male NPT 1/4 lengthens it by 3 feet and has a Female Spring click quick connector at the end. 

This way you attach the cap to the reservoir and then attach the tube end which has the male Quick connector and your away. 

Making the ending tube is not expensive except the air hose fitting come in a pack so I now have spare parts.  

Gordon's idea with the sprayer if you have one lying around is excellent. I just had none hanging around.  

I'll let you know how the Bleed goes...  I meant brake bleed, thank God we are no longer blood letting as a medical treatment.  Old habits dye slowly in healthcare, the last frontal lobatomy was performed in 1971! 


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Brake fluid change done.  My first with the help of a friend. 

I did the Bfluid change and it started off well when I had a bit of pressure but fortunately a friend of mine came to help so while he opened and closed the bleed screws I monitored the fluid level.   I had really done a lot to prevent damage to the car by protecting pretty much the whole front. 

Unfortunately, as we got going we had some leakage at the plug with 8lbs of pressure on the guage, even with teflon taping the reservoir etc.   I managed to wrap enough cloths to contain it while he hurried to do the bleed and fluid replacement wheel to wheel.  When it was all done I disconnected everything.  

I was happy to get it all done but had some clean up to do. 

I will need to look into a better cap setup for the next time. 

Thank you all for you help.


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