Available if anyone's interested.    Custom order from Motolita direct.  Dark stain, extra hole in spokes & thick grip.  $175.00 to SOC members.

Horn button not included.  Shipping should be around $25-30 bucks.  Send PM  if interested.  

Marty Grzynkowicz

1959 Intermeccanica, Subaru H2O Turbo (Convertible D-GT) "Le Cafe Macchiato"


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IMG_2873Panhandle Bob posted:


Since it has only been touched with Italian leather driving gloves (knuckle cutouts and mesh backs), I assume no scratches on the wheel.

Excellent. Fair price!

One micro scuff caused by the local mechanic not the Italian leather gloves  

its almost unnoticeable.  Here's a bunch of horn button options from    ISP West.  82mm is what you want



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The "Dama de Oro" (Golden Lady) horn button doesn't go with it ??

( Or the Italian Driving Gloves?!?!? )

Shocked!  Shocked, I am!!!

(And did you thoroughly scold that mechanic miscreant?   I would have booted his butt.)

I have personally seen this very same steering wheel, in the wood, at Carlisle.

It is very much worth the price.  This is a super-deal, folks, and you can bury the cost in all of those other Christmas gifts you're buying so the wife or wife equivalent will never know.

*LongFella posted:

@Marty Grzynkowicz I will take it if you haven't sold it yet. I got my wife a nice wooden steering wheel for her coupe and I love the look. This wheel should look nice in my Speedster....

I'll need to figure out what adapter I need and how to make it fit...

@*LongFella funny. I always wanted a banjo wheel or the original 2-spoke (Petri) wheel. My speedster has a knock-off Nardi wood wheel. When I bring up changing it, my friends and wife scoff at me; thinking I’m crazy. 

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