I had some time yesterday to adjust valves and found surface rust on the advance springs and oxidation on the rotor head inside the distributor.

This is caused by the temperature differential in the garage vs outside at times I know but was wondering if anyone has had this same issue and a solution.

The oxidation on the rotor head looked like frost and it didn't seem to interfere with the pickup getting the signal.


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This has been an issue with MSD VW distributors for years. It's a topic on other VW forums, MSD knows about it, and anyone who's contacted the company (that I've read about) has not been offered any satisfactory solution (or anything really beyond the denial, "really, it's the first we've heard of this...").

Sorry, but I don't know what the answer is, other than wiping everything down with WD-40 once or twice a season. 

I know this doesn't really help but it's all I've got- Al 

I think You can use Nutz spray on it.  It is a wool fat derivative which is used to coat electronics. 

Anytime condensation car occur it will create rust.  If you have a metal part a frame or any metal cavity that is where the rust will start as condensation causes water and It will rust.

Hence, brake discs in the winter get a rust film, inside of any frame, chrome gets oxidized and it goes on.  BTW have you noticed rear brakes now wear out twice as much as the front brakes... They seize up with rust. 

Fogging stuff with stuff like Nutz, oil film, Film Liquid/ another wool fat derivative all helps.

WaterDisplacement40 too. etc etc.  

Lane Anderson posted:

I wish I had known that, Al.  My advance springs rusted to nothing, finally failing on the  2017 Tour de Smo.  It took some serious jury rigging to continue on the run.  Luckily it was an easy fix when I got home.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that my distributor was a Pertronix unit.

An attempt was made (but ultimately abandoned) to use a ball-point pen spring to replace the advance spring that had rusted in half.

I still wish it had worked. 

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