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Just curious as to if anyone in this group has every bought anything from MSW My Steering Wheel?  It seems they only have a presence on Facebook.  Prices are Thai Baht.  While their product looks good, I just ponder the quality and/or dependability of the order.

While I'm not looking to replace my steering wheel, yet, I just wanted to lay down some research.

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I did a couple weeks ago.  Will report back when I get it. Their stuff looks really good and gets great reviews.

As of First week in June- email from owner of company and then current exchange rate.  He had to update his Samba add, as that one still listed the price at 1,200$.


total price include shipping to USA =$1,650 (400mm steering wheel with half horn ring in ivory + steering shaft , and miscellaneous hardware + tube in ivory + normal shipping15-45business day )

thank you.




at the very very least I will have great garage wall art... and something to sell our local PCA guys for less than what an original refurbished  wheel cost.

... I'm embarrassed to admit, this is my 5th steering wheel.  I seem to change them depending on my driving mood.   The Lampert VDM one to date remains my favorite... only wished I would have had it made in the 9 bolt patern vs the 6 bolt pattern....  and I have been to lazy to remove it from my car, sell it and order a new Lampert wheel...   maybe this will be the motivator.

my only concern with the above wheel is that it's a 400mm, and I have really enjoyed my 380mm... gives me the right space for my legs, shifting, etc... my old, original to the car Banjo flat4 400mm wheel was a bit flimsy, and felt a little big, but I could drive using my legs/ hands free ;-)... oh well... live and learn.


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@Lfepardo  That steering wheel looks great.  Looking forward to hearing more about it when you receive.  I don't mind the wood nardi knock-off that came with my VS.  It's small enough where I can get in and out "easily".  I too was concerned a larger wheel may impact my access.
I truly dislike my horn button.....and have been looking for alternatives.  MSW has some nice horn buttons, but really lack on description.  I guess I could always email them for more information.
I'm also at the point where I have other things to spend $1600 on than a steering wheel (such as a full tonneau cover), but it never hurts to research for the future.  MSW's wheels and columns look fantastic, as an alternate to spending much more on the real deal.

I can’t say enough good things about the Lempert wheels... and they are typically ~500$.  The Motolita and British knock offs are about +100$..

Attached pics I found in my phone of a few of the wheels I have/ enjoyed these past 5 years.

ISP West- 15”.. with hub and horn ring, around -300$


BANJO FLAT 4- delivered with new car, w/ ISP West hub/ adapter.


Mike lempert- Anads(sp) VDM wheel I had recreated. Picture with Porsche horn ring/ hub adapter.  My favorite... but had mine made in 6 bolt vs 9 bolt...  it’s a piece of art! 


mike lempert- Nardi style- 6 hole, 15’, over ISP West.  COMPARISON.... LEMPERT IS FLAT, iSP has 1” dish.


I add a 3/4” spacer to the Nardi style lempert wheel when installed for driving confort.  Wheel was under 500$.


Car parts discount-15”,  99$... thin, flat wheel.


On the car last summer.., I reinstalled the ISP... the 1” dish works a bit better for me, and i prefer the Porsche horn ring/ no need for spacer to bring the wheel closer to me.




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Warning ! Possible steering crush cage failure

Rusty mentioned the "crash basket" aka crush cage on the steering column..                    I have hit on this topic before but I will again . A lot of the Speedsters utilize used VW Beetle steering columns which is all well and fine. However I have had two crush cage factory welds fail and both times I was barely moving welds. I found that in both cars someone had put upward pressure on the column as it was secured to the 2 x 2 brace under the dash. Over time rotating the steering column, this caused the crush cage to weaken,   weld cracked and suddenly w/o any warning  broke......I strongly suggest everyone spend time to inspect there columns. Jack the car up and remove the LF wheel with a good light in hand , sand the welds etc looking for any cracks if discovered have it repaired before driving the car anywhere without exception.

Marty Grzynkowicz posted:
DannyP posted:

Marty, Mike apparently doesn't like your penchant for gloves?

Good one Danny.  But really, we all know what's going on. He probably hasn't started on it and has nothing to share, so he ignores the communication.  

I think mine took about 4 months or so. He does a lot of custom wheels but 11 months seems unusual. There aren't too many guys like him around so he is in high demand.

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I ordered and installed one on my VS; it took some massaging and we had to replace the whole steering column with an old '57 oval window unit that I found on The Samba. Came out good and the car's steering feels totally different because of the increased mechanical advantage due to the considerably larger diameter as compared to the Nardi the car came equipped with. Great quality product.2AD73148-E691-4DED-9103-B0BAE1F29E68


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We had the normal '67 (I believe) column that VS builds had which had the ignition switch on the dash, not on the column. The splines on the repro MSW unit don't match with the modern fine splines on the column we had so we had to replace the whole thing to make it work. I am attaching a comparison in diameters between the original Nardi vs the MSW.


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