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Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with MSW in any way.  I don't own a MSW steering wheel.  That said, I believe some folks here have ordered from them.  Perhaps they can chime in?

Regardless, their ad came across my social media feed this morning.  It appears they are having a bit of a sale.

I did some conversions below according to the exchange rate today.

15,500 THB = $514.00 USD

24,150 THB = $801.00 USD

26,950 THB = $894.00 USD

31,360 THB = $1,040.00 USD


Images (13)
  • 79706890_2755770324469790_4076714753282539520_o
  • 79839560_2755771034469719_4151448580097310720_o
  • 80098892_2755770721136417_5423523777554153472_o
  • 80408422_2755770397803116_6183230443412783104_o
  • 80675245_2755770454469777_7724283383735386112_o
  • 80756447_2755770847803071_1034963088270426112_o
  • 80786988_2755770547803101_7722677937845043200_o
  • 79979388_2755685744478248_4637347065041518592_n
  • 80195727_2755685684478254_7959136825455411200_n
  • 80427864_2755685797811576_1792522476639485952_n
  • 80458578_2755770231136466_2380773760278986752_n
  • 80583062_2755685517811604_3407327590346653696_n
  • 80753486_2755685644478258_1747605511089422336_n
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