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Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with MSW in any way.  I don't own a MSW steering wheel.  That said, I believe some folks here have ordered from them.  Perhaps they can chime in?

Regardless, their ad came across my social media feed this morning.  It appears they are having a bit of a sale.

I did some conversions below according to the exchange rate today.

15,500 THB = $514.00 USD

24,150 THB = $801.00 USD

26,950 THB = $894.00 USD

31,360 THB = $1,040.00 USD


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Original Post

Simple is good! Very much like the 1 paddle hi lo beam turn signal paddle .Do you have a dash mounted wiper switch ? I am contemplating going this route .My Beck came with 3 paddles wiper flashers and hi lo turn 

Thanks for posting 

Hey Pete, did Carey give you an owner’s manual?  The car in most of the pictures is yours without some of the stuff I added later. If he didn’t, let me know.  I’ll see if he’s ok with me sending you the pdf file.

Hi Lane 

Yes he did very nicely done .I have the car about 95% reassembled new seats from Carey arriving mid week .Looking good will post pictures once complete .Have only driven car around the neighbor hood  look forward to getting it on some back roads soon .


James550 posted:

I have one on my speedster, very very nice


That is a very nice wheel.  BTW did they also supply the horn button for you? Wondering on quality. 

Thanks James.   Great stuff that it fits an 82mm original.

I like the wheel but my steering column ididit, can only accomodate the Nardi 6 or the 9 bolt hub.  I really like Marty's wheel which is pretty awesome.

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