FD3AFFF0-0CFB-4AF8-8C88-2E75510A2B4115BD160C-67E5-476E-AE91-38AC827B6795Aircooled Bruce, yes 5 bolt, Scott is going to re-drill my rotors, the front brakes are WIllwood and the rears are EMPI if I am not mistaken. I had to save a few bucks and give up on the high end brake package that Kevin Zagar offers. Something for future upgrades perhaps. With my driving skills and habits these days, we felt my choice would be fine.


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Rich Drewek posted:

As far as the Fuchs, I came very close to going with the RSR look and finish. 

BTW, he turns around a set in two weeks, no prolonged wait.

I was on the fence with the RSR finish too. I decided to go with an OEM factory anodized finish and black paint.

When did Al start turning around wheels that quick? I'm going to have to give him a call because I have another set of flat fuchs than need to be restored. 

Nice looking Ghia!


ZFNHSN, when I first contacted him about 2-3weeks ago, he was right up front about the price and the immediately said it would be 14 days...from the time he gets them. I guess I didn’t push him any further, I don’t think he meant work days. But I did deal with another CA guy that was taking 6 weeks. Al also seems to have a little cheat sheet to quote from. These 16” will be $225 a wheel. As I recall he wanted like $243  for the frost RSR look (I think).

MusbJim posted:

I was browsing through a neighborhood yard sale the other day and came across this K-5 Twin Turbo. Didn't have the proper size waste-gates, so I passed on it. 

Sorry pic is so small, it's only 20kb. 

Twin Turbo 911

Those horizontal fans make the most awesome sound. Don’t stand too close though, could suck away all your guaponess.

IaM-Ray posted:

Tarboards  @Rich Drewek hey I saw this site that has Tarboards for the original look in the engine and they also sell floor insulation pads that are pretty awesome looking you might want to look at their store.  Enjoy

I wonder what you guys think of these Tarboards, @Alan Merklin @Gordon Nichols I have been in contact with the guy and he is willing to cut them larger4 so that we could use them in our cars. It looks like a black tar / rubber insulation or sound deadening. 

I did something similar but with different materials.  The first material was essentially shop floor 3/8" rubber cushion 3-M glued to the inside of the engine compartment.  That lasted a few (maybe 7?) years and then the glue let go.  It was a great sound deadener, though.

The next stuff was more like Dynamat, black, but thinner.  It's still in there, isn't as good as a sound deadener but the glue on it ain't lettin' go for nuthin.

Those tar boards would be pretty slick in a Speedster IF you intend the engine compartment to be black and IF they really stick - i can just imagine ingesting one into the fan at 3,000 rpm.  

If you're doing something like Rich is doing with a detailed and color-matched engine, then a color-matched compartment is the way to go, but the noise level will be higher (Vanity, they name is "car shows")...

 Things are coming along slowly, but most assuredly this summer. Scott has been putting the engine together when he can find the time. Got the wheels on for tire sizing. Probably some Yokohama FLEVAs, 195/45-205/45s or 50s. It maybe rinning before August is through. BTW, I’m looking for some center caps if anyone has any stashed away.B3D41D7A-3F53-436C-AFD6-A7C6DF27306DB79D570A-A879-48A1-A9CE-DBFAC953BE5E37DF1844-DAA7-484E-994B-1B296819B92357DFD48B-66C0-444E-B2DB-ABA5307B8570


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It's going to look pretty stunning, Rich! Love the alloys. And just so you know, if you took the back pair to a wheel specialty shop and had them widened 1" to the inside you could run 225's on the back and everyone would look and say " if this thing wasn't badass enough already!". Just sayin'... Lovin' it! How are you, big bro?

@IaM-Ray and @Marty Grzynkowicz- was never a fan of the telephone dial wheels, but I think the 1 place they do look good is on a Ghia. Check out this thread on the Cal Look Lounge- http://cal-look.no/lounge/inde...p/topic,18301.0.html 

Harold's Ghia is pretty outrageous.

Some of you have seen my FB post last night. For those who haven’t, great news, Scott had me over to his place to review the latest progress on the Ghia. It’s been a few weeks since my last visit, though Scott keeps me updated with any major steps or challenges.

For instance, a week or so, it was discovered that the engine lid hinge springs would hit the air cleaners upon closing. A quick decision to switch over to stuts remedied that situation quickly and I was anxious to see how that came out and whatever else he has been carefully completing.

What I didn’t realize that he has gotten to the point of starting this little puppy up. So when I got there we did our usual small talk and Scott pointing out some of his magical skills. One was the nice job on the struts and the other obvious one was the new gas tank completely installed (it was discovered back in July the existing one was surprisingly holding gasoline...quite rusted). With regards to the new tank, there were a few obstacles the new suspension and steering rack presented. Scott once again worked around those and the final install looks wonderful.

What he hasn’t told me at this point was that there actually was gas in the tank and he had fired it up the night before! So, after a few more minutes, Scott turned the ignition to on, we listened to the fuel pump come to life and before I realized it, scott was turning it over. A few seconds of engine reluctance and then...it started, cleared its throats a little and soon this remarkable A-1 exhaust note was pouring out of the twin center pipes. Man, did it sound healthy! Scott shut it down shortly and told me he’d be attempting a few more heat sinks over the weekend.

We’ve had a disappointing delay in getting all the CV joints and getting my new Yokohamas mounted on the Fuchs. Hopefully the CV joints will arrive this coming week and the car can be placed back on the ground when suspension and stance can be worked out.

In conclusion, great steady progress by Scott, everything looks very professionally completed. Still a few bugs but seeing and hearing it run was very satisfying, I only wish I had been prepared to get a quick video of the event.

in addition to all the new shiny parts etc., the wiring is getting some nice attention during the reconnection. Scott does nothing buy thoroughness! 



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@Rich Drewek, your Ghia build looks fantastic  .  Like your Speedster before it, you do everything to detailed perfection.  Hope your darling will enjoy rides in this new beauty.

BTW, if you want the seat cushion (lovingly sewn by her) to use on the Ghia I will be happy to UPS back to dairy-land.

Wishing you the best  of health to enjoy it, Rich.

Tom L.


AC Bruce, yes there was some difficulty with that and some of the details I have already forgotten. I do know he fabricated a few things to help and I believe he got some timely advice from a friend (who had done one of these awhile back) and the trick was using  part of a Super steering shaft as I recall. Maybe Scott could find a moment to address your questions. In short, no it did not clear the new, or old, gas tank. We were just discussing this on Friday. Initially Scott was going to do some welding on the tank, but before he did, he found the new tank to be rather malleable and the appropriate hammer did the trick. Scott actually felt better about this rather welding, possibly risking  a leak. He also had to change a fitting or two to clear another spot. After watching Scott for coming on one year, he doesn’t do shoddy work and will always go the extra mile to do something the right way. He is very proud of his work and has an excellent circle of other local VW guys that really love him and his work. I feel honored to have met him one day when I was displaying my Speedster. Little did I know that one day I’d have this master- craftsman building me this piece of art.

 Ray, I think Scott has plenty to do. As for the interior, for now we’ll be attempting to reinstall the carpeting that came with it and install the 911 seats I had done last February. A redo of the interior could be in the works for Phase 2, time and money will tell. The carpeting is darker than what shows in the flash photo here. A different wheel, Recaros, probably lose the wood stuff, update the dash. The sky could be the limit.D1FB98C7-6752-4BA3-AB73-C1BE22857C9DB82B2779-46D2-4850-9208-1F4A707033D0EA4300FB-0CEB-437F-AC20-20E800DAD594


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Getting gauges like those just above are the first step on the road to elite Italian driving gloves, then Italian driving shoes, and then you’ll be buying driving clothes from Armani or Dolce y Gabbana.

I thought you were one of us!

Look!  The guy is wearing a Gucci watch!  He probably doesn’t even drink good ‘Murican beer!  Pro’bly drinks that “Birra Moretti” stuff......     I’ve had beers with you at Carlisle and we didn’t drink no snooty Euro beers.  Think about that......

BTW, personally, I like the wood dash.........

Okay, another day, another stunning example of the great work Scott Hansen has been putting in on my Ghia. It got rolled out of his laboratory late this afternoon, just in time to catch the evening sun. Look at this thing, I can’t say enough how grateful I am to Scott. Seeing it out in the sunlight is really making me anxious to get behind the wheel, but Scott is going to get the first miles behind the wheel, he has really earned the honor.5EECE586-875D-41DE-8FD9-A590E0441BC9B60A086E-69C0-42AA-893B-774C4F3EE774805F9976-4D05-4C61-8125-D7CF29B1BB487F4403F9-E439-43DC-9744-CB30CD09376E443E3953-044B-416D-970D-040FE8696B3A


Photos (5)

So let’s see, where was I? Oh ya, the interior...last week, Scott just couldn’t wait for my slow a$$ to get the carpeting back on the floor (I did a whole 2 hours of work on it last Wednesday night while he was painting his house!!) A couple of days go by and BINGO, he’s got it all back in place again. Oh, and the 911 seats nailed down too.AFE219EA-6CC3-4F09-B419-F2ACE725DFBC6ABD4A73-BFF5-494B-86A1-745B51C8EC14


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Ah, but wait, this thing ain’t over til the fat guy (me) sings.

While Scott was doing his usual COOL THING, I got another idea. Though those recovered 911 seats were nice, I started thing about a better, newer model seat. My 2007 GTI had some pretty nifty seats, comfortable, quality, adjustable seating, lateral support very good and a cool Tartan type plaid (how Porsche is that?).

So I started browsing around the web and, GOLLEE, would ya look what you can find on eBay on a good day. I found a set, great price, appeared to be in excellent condition. However, the set came from two different cars, and you guessed it, two different locations. One in the Sacramento area and the other in Sioux Falls, SD.

My impulsiveness took control and after umpteen messages back and forth to these guys to determine they were the right thing, BAM! They got purchased. Once again, by using this new shipping service I found for the wheels, the shipping was quite reasonable for a 60lb. Modern seat WITH HEAT!!! You mY recall you all punishing me for my failure to get the heated option. So there, I got it if Scott can figure a way to wire them.

Today, to my surprise, the passenger seat arrived from South Dakota! I opened the very-nicely packaged box on the front porch...The thing looks like it was never sat in!!! And this one got negotiated down to $155 plus $75 in shipping.

Talk about stoked, once I got it out of the box, I plopped my skinny butt down in that thing and man, are these things going to be great once installed. On top of that, I have already sourced the fabric itself and it is available...solid and plaid, plust they have a pretty cool Red German square weave for the floor once I get around to completing the  rest of the job.

Now when that seat arrives from Sacramento, I just hope it is in a similar condition (odds are good). Attached are the photos from the eBay adds (the driver seat I negotiated down to $175 plus about $100 in shipping. All on all much cheaper than the 911 route I started on way back last year.



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ALB posted:

Those seats are great looking (I do love the plaid!), big bro, but changing directions too often in a build ends up costing $$$! Seats, then carpet; what's next? I think you have too much time on your hands- step away from the computer! 

The red carpet is too much red. For the love of all that's good, step away from the computer, Richster!

Well, I like the GTI seats but really I like the P 911 seats too and you can't beat the money purse tied to it on the side.  It also has no plastic edgings all over that the GTI seats have ... just saying I don't like plastic... painted FGlass is another thing.

558E6327-563B-418D-A643-93BB751A6DE8EFA10679-2E04-4493-8751-9BBB307C119FCBAE47B7-4FD0-41FA-8451-6148D5374787Wednesday started out hopeful. Later in the day I would be able to drive my project home after it being aligned and corner balanced. But tonight, as like last night, an electrical gremlin is causing intermittent engine starting or prolonged running.

Consequently I got to drive it all but a couple of miles before it refused me.

The two miles were at dusk, in some on and off heavy rain. Not enough time for a fair review, but I did get a brief taste of things to come. Pretty mucho funno.


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Rich Drewek posted:

...But tonight, as like last night, an electrical gremlin is causing intermittent engine starting or prolonged running...

...I got to drive it all but a couple of miles before it refused me...

...The two miles were at dusk, in some on and off heavy rain...


Rich, have a careful look through the engine compartment.

Do you see anything in there that says 'Lucas' ?


Sacto Mitch posted:


Rich Drewek posted:

...But tonight, as like last night, an electrical gremlin is causing intermittent engine starting or prolonged running...

...I got to drive it all but a couple of miles before it refused me...

...The two miles were at dusk, in some on and off heavy rain...


Rich, have a careful look through the engine compartment.

Do you see anything in there that says 'Lucas' ?


So... my lovely wife and I bought a brand new VW Cabriolet ('Azure' special edition) just after we got married in 1988. A little underpowered, but overall a fun car to drive, and Beth loved it. We'd had it 4 or 5 years and were on the first evening of our annual Christina Lake holiday (beginning of July) when around dusk I noticed the headlights flicker 2 or 3 times, but they stayed on and otherwise we made our destination for the night without incident. I did notice when I pushed the plastic rocker for the headlights at the end of the drive that if felt just a little different, but didn't give it much thought, and we continued on the next day, arriving at the lake that afternoon. I did discover that the headlight rocker switch seemed to have welded itself in the 'off' position though.

My brother Steve and his family were at the lake as well and the next day we rounded up enough tools to take the dash apart and (hopefully) see what was going on. Part way through figuring out how to get to the switch Steve (who is a Ford guy but knows about Lucas refrigerators) laughingly says something about VW cheaping out and buying electrical parts from the English. Well, you can probably guess how hard we both laughed when we finally got the thing out and read what it said on the back...

The rest of the trip went fine (we just couldn't go any where in the dark) and after we got back home I got the parts manager at the local VW dealership to find a German made headlight rocker- they put the good Hella brand switch in the Jetta. IIrc the price difference between them was about $10. 

The car's looking stellar, Rich! I'm sure you guys will figure it out... Al

C6D7E069-B01F-4200-A2FC-7758635DA2E0Sorry guys, I forgot to update The Mother Ship”, my Ghia is on the road again and for the most part, a satisfying experience. We do have a hiccup with the rebuilt tranny, something just isn’t right, but the rebuilder promises to make good with another one. Currently 3rd and 4th create more whining and chatter that I just couldn’t accept.

Then the other glitch was the new distributor that didn’t want to live up to its billing. It was the cause of the unpredictable running issue. Worked one day but not the next, so Scott put in the distributor from my original engine. That allowed me to get some miles on this puppy and it has been fun. Eventually we’ll get the newer distributor, a change of emulsion tubes and then a little more tuning and Scott promises he’ll be able to tweak it further to get the occasional stumble out.

When all the right pieces get back together it’ll be great, ‘cause right now it’s pretty damn impressive.

This is without mentioning how great it handles and rides. It was a big investment, but I believe it was money well spent for this car. The body and interior were great to begin with and it just needed some help on the road control. For me and my rather lame driving ability, I say it is a tremendous improvement. Smooth pavement, and rough roads are handled equally well. Better than any VW/AC vehicle that I have driven to date. I’m gradually trying to put it through some challenges while I build up some confidence. It has been fun taking these baby steps (and elderly 74 year old steps too).

Someone on another forum asked me about the brakes yesterday. It reminded me that I had not really tested those at all. So during my ride this afternoon, I tried them out, getting up to some pretty good speeds and doing a pretty hard slam...they work super, no lock up, straight as an arrow and feeling very good at the pedal. I tried several stops in a row and no fade to speak of. The brand new Yokohama  Fleevas felt like they can handle plenty more than that.

Oh, then the recovered leather  911 seats are comfortable, eventually we’ll get the VW GTI seats in place and I trust the seating will be even better. Some of you may not have heard about this last minute change of plans.

In conclusion for tonight, it has been a tremendous success and I am truly grateful to Scott and all his work and skills providing me with this little hot rod I made of this unexpected buy just about one year ago. Here’s a couple of cool shots taken by a buddy about two weeks ago already. I’m still thinking of some further improvements, but at this point I can do some of that thinking behind the wheel.

Thanks for following along.




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