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My Speedster is in the shop again.  Brake pedal went to the floor yesterday evening.  Got home with the handbrake.

I'm in Washington DC.  You've all been very helpful with links to the companies that you use for parts.  My garage has asked me to line up a few more leads......

Who would you use for drums, shoes, shims, etc for a Type 1?

I have links to JBugs, CB Performance, VDO (seems sort of too big???) and Summit Performance (too specialized for this stuff?).  Like Jack @ Bug Stuff in PA.  

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@Jimmy V. posted:

I use they are in Ohio and the shipping is faster. They stock a huge amount of VW parts of all kinds. I haven't found one item they didn't have. Great to work with as well. Good luck with your brakes. It shouldn't be hard to get it fixed up.

Cool, another name for the "Rolodex." Although for me, shipping would be the opposite from the west coast suppliers. 

I use all of the above, but like Jimmy V., Dune Buggy Warehouse is one of my go-tos.

Steel hard line is available locally. It should be 10 x 1.0 metric thread, usually classified as European at Advance Auto. Japanese cars use 10 x 1.25mm, so be careful.

I'm very partial to NiCopp brake lines. Nickel copper alloy. They simply won't corrode, and the copper content makes them really easy to bend.

In addition to the above,  also great source for parts- Chinese to a German depending on price point.  All sell all brake components and upgrade kits... I personally like to call when I have Qs, ( vs emailing).  Hey all have awesome tech support lines/ staff that can help you identify correct parts to fit your setup.

..and original BW - salvage VW yard. Used and new parts.(Victorville, CA)

Happy shopping


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