I have a JPS Coupe built on a shortened 1969 VW and it looks to me that the rear end should be raised a couple inches …...now before I open that can of worms at a body shop and find out that there are a half dozen things that have to be adjusted or replaced....if any of you have done this or considered doing it.....what does it involve or cost and what are the unintended consequences ???

The car rides and handles fine, there are no problems with it as it is....I just don't like the look....purely cosmetic ….

It has always been my experience that if something is not broke.....you should consider breaking it....just because.....bart1379443-R1-02-23 


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Can you even get butt sag in a coupe? 

I can't tell by this photo if you have what we call "butt sag." The way to know is to measure the door-to-quarter panel gap. If the gap is appreciably wider at the top, you might have the butt sag.

If you don't have a widening door gap then what you're describing is a simple low suspension. Most of these cars have an adjuster on the spring plates in the back. You should be able to make the back end set a little bit higher just by turning an allen bolt on that adjuster. 

If you don't have these adjusters then you'll be looking at reindexing the torsion bars, which is a PITA. Very unlikely that's needed though.

Things to consider:

1.  Ed is right.  While it is, I suppose, possible to have Butt sag with a coupe, it is highly unlikely due to the roof holding the car together and the rear end properly oriented.  If you check the rear, vertical seam of the door and it pretty much equal top to bottom, you don't have butt sag (at least your CAR doesn't).

2.  The car always looks like its' tail is dragging because of the top of the rear wheel well being lower/flatter than that in the front.  Doesn't mean that the tail is dragging, it just means the car's body was designed that why to look cool.

3.  If you STILL feel the need to raise the rear of the body up off the ground, it is done by changing the tension on the torsion bars at the rear and this is how that is done:


Plan on an afternoon, or about 4 hours in a shop to adjust.

Your butt may be draggin!  But like Ed said butt sag is when the rear fiberglass drops leaving a 1/2" or so gap at the top back of doors where it meets the rear of body.  

Aftermarket adjustable rear spring plates allow you to raise or lower one or both sides.  Or pull the torsion bars and reindex them. 

 Latest Rage Vw Rear Adjustable Irs Spring Plates For 21-3/4


An easier alternative is to lower the front of car to make it lower and match the lower rear.  Easy if you have torsion spring adjusters in the center of the beam --- or add dropped spindles if a 2" drop is what you are looking for.

Image result for vw beetle front beam adjusters


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Alan Merklin posted:

All coupes have that rear look to them it's correct, your wheel arch to tire rim look correct too

Thanks guys for your quick and helpful replies.  The seams are fine and the doors operate smoothly and seal with no whistling  or dripping and I can see what you mean about the wheel openings being different.....so perhaps this is the look that the car was designed to have. I don't believe the body has been distorted.

Thanks Art, the car is even more fun to drive than to take pictures of....




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I agree with Lane. Lower it a half-inch in the front, then drive it and look at it. If that's not enough, go another half-inch. These cars always look a little high in the front. If the rocker panels are parallel to the road or the car is raked slightly downward in the front, you're good.

On CMC there are 2 fiberglass irregular shaped flat panels about  18" wide and high that fill in each wheel well in front of the tires so you can't see from one side to the other.  These keep water in the wheel well and suspect reinforce the front fiberglass overhanging the beam. CMC directions call for them being fiberglassed in too. It also doesn't cause eye to think the front wheels aren't centered (are too far back).  Easy mod if that bothers you.



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Yeah, after seeing the pics you just posted, I agree with Lane and Danny- front needs to come down an inch or so. Do you know if the front beam has adjusters welded in the middle? They could look like the pic Wolfie showed or they could look like this- 

front beam with adjusters welded in

and this is what it looks like in the car-

front beam with Sway a Way adjusters

And when you've dropped the front that inch (or 2) you will be the epitome of cool-

Fred & Wilma gone bad

The back of the car is fine (disregard what any of us said earlier about raising up the back- what we were thinking?).

Hope this helps. Al


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It's hard to see because your Coupe is silver, but I couldn't see plugs that cover the access holes for the spring plates/torsion bars.  If you don't have access holes, and depending on what style of spring plates are on your car, adjusting the rear spring plates could get ugly.

The KISS approach may be to adjust the front down as Lane and others have recommended.

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