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I took a half day at work on Wednesday and took the 440 mile trek to Los Angeles, for my speedster kit pickup at VMC Thursday morning, loaded up, headed home, unloaded, returned the trailer, and I'm now at work, its all been a blur to say the least. But, I will say My experience with Greg, and Anna has been nothing short of spectacular!. I ordered just about everything from Greg, aside from the drivetrain, and they had everything ready to go, no hiccups, and extremely helpful with the loading on my trailer. I am less than 12 hours in,  a new owner of a 1969 IRS VW speedster pan, and I couldn't be happier. I had a few people wanting to talk about the car at the gas stops, and multiple thumbs up on the freeway. What a great start to the Madness!!!

Now to organize the garage to get the misses car, back inside



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