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Hi everyone,

Although I joined awhile back, this is my first post. Maybe someone can help me.? I am also going to write to the Intermeccanica factory, but wanted to solicit information here as well. I know there are no company official records retained for my car in question. (Lost in partner split)    

I have an IM Speedster with the original Automobili Intermeccanica receipt dated 6/9/1977. It is a first run (wiper delete) model. It is in exceptional original condition.

Questions:  1) What was the date of the first sale in Santa Ana, CA?  2) Were the first examples sold as body kits only?   3) Were kits ever purchased with owner supplied pan and drive train, then factory assembled?  4) It is my understanding that the first 200+ units did not have the Vehicle ID foil seals with Serial numbers. Is that correct?  5) Do the first run examples have any IM ID markings, other than the name on the engine hatch hinge.

I have 42+ years of receipts and the original factory literature.  Opinions on sources to help establish a price would also be appreciated.

This is one of 5 collector cars I am going to sell, but want to get as much pedigree as I can first.

Thank you in advance for any info or assistance.

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Do you have the book by Andrew McCredie as told by Paula Reisner - Intermeccanica The Story of the Prancing Bull?  It says the initial plan was to sell $2500 kits with owners adding pan, engine and running gear BUT so many early customers for assembly, they were offered for $11,000.  The book says by 1977 price was raised to $15,000.  By the end of 1977, 200 Speedsters were produced.  Early ones had 914 gauges (200 new ones were bought for $10k).  A total of 246 bodies were built from the original mold.  Early ones had no molded in front battery box and some mold lines were visible.

Wolfgang:  Thank you. Your response was very helpful. I will buy the book.                       I spent last night poring over and organizing probably a hundred or more receipts, something I never did after buying the car about 4 years ago. The original receipt says "Body Kit Complete  Signal Red, black interior, charcoal carpet". It was $4000.00, with an approximate delivery time of 8 weeks. The other receipts support someone buying components to do a build, then subsequent upgrades or repairs over the years. Mine does have sunken battery box in the very front. I did confirm IM did not install wipers until the second mold. Paula Reisner was the quality control person at that time and she told me that herself in 2015 when I called. I know as of last year, Mr Reisner, who is in her 80's still comes to the factory Wednesdays and Thursdays. With photos and all documents I want to visit the factory in British Columbia, to see if I can get a letter of authenticity.  Thanks again.


The fact that IM is no longer producing internal combustion-engined replicas - has to increase the value of one of the original replicas.  Henry (according to the book) was only about 15-16 then and was helping his dad build them - so it could be a nostalgic meeting with him.  At one point Frank hurt his leg and was sidelined for a month - overseeing Henry's work in a shop that only held 2 cars at a time. The book said Henry was hoping his dad would move on to building dune buggies.

It also talks about some imperfections that transferred from the original well beat Speedster plug to the early cars.  No specifics though.

Let me clear this up.  NOT PCA.  Never even would dream of it being considered anything but a knockoff. I saw there were other questions and comments on this site regarding replicas. Sure wish it was a Real 356!, I was told Intermeccanica will issue a letter with some production history and statistics, if supplied with detailed pictures and documents.  They had some production  and ownership metamorphosis. I was told they do that since their early records have been destroyed and their earliest products did not have ID plates. Also, very important, the early receipts did not have a company header, just a company representative signature, with the company name hand printed. Believe it or not, even in the replica market some people are looking for certain era and production. I have already been ask this twice, once by a dealer, so it seemed important. Thanks.

Oh, forgot. The car reportedly still has some original 356 parts, i.e taillights, headlight glass, ignition switch, horn center button, windshield frame, body trim, etc. If pictures are detailed enough, I would like them to weigh in......or... I have a friend with a car trailer. Might be fun to take it to them, albeit it is about a 14 hr drive.

Good point Mr. Stroud!   Beautiful drive!  I may have waited too late this season. Driving through higher elevations south of Portland, about a month ago, I ran into freezing rain and snow flurries! Who would have guessed that one?   I really like your idea. Maybe wait until spring and make fun car cruise. I am not pressured to sell it, before 2nd quarter 2020 (moving OCONUS). Sunny days and winding roads are why I bought the car.

Actually, MRF, I think it is interesting that you are attempting to gather as much history on this car as you can.  |We usually don't get too concerned about provenance when it comes to one of our cars, but I see nothing wrong with wanting to learn more about yours.  Intermeccanica does have a long and storied history, and your car is a part of that.

Good luck in your endeavours.

Thanks Bob. I am probably a bit quirky about my cars. Out of the 60+ I have owned over my lifetime, I have always strived to have good examples with every detail as possible, from new. I THINK it has  benefited me at sale time. Fewer questions, no excuses, less tire kicking time wasters (hate them) and usually/hopefully more money. CARS, an illness that probably qualifies me for therapy.

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Can you post some photos of the car and maybe its unique details.

I have a late '88 CMC.  Even though all CMC's came with a FL Certificate of Origin (COO) - no one has a figure of how many of which model was produced! You'd think FL could query their records and produce numbers.  The only CMC details were $ brought in per month/year -- big $$$ ($20m and 300 various kits per year in 1985).  Not that this would affect value - but would be nice to know.  Unfortunately, CARFAX does track the old VW chassis # - just new 17 digit VINs).

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