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Yeah, that's what makes me sad.  He sounded enthusiastic about buying it, but then disappeared.  Sounds like the "I want a Miata, but older and cooler" syndrome.

@DannyP posted:

Maybe he needs the money? Nah, 500 miles tells the whole story.

Too bad, I always liked that car. Maybe somebody will buy it who is one with "The Madness". We can only hope.

Pity, that. Lots of that going around.

The guy only posted once or twice here, so we really don't know his story.  He and I corresponded several times before he finalized the deal with Carey but I didn't hear much after that.  He posted on BaT that he has too many cars and they don't get driven much (COVID, maybe?), so I guess that's it.

That's the story anyhow.

Some permutation of that story is one of several euphemisms for "I wanted a Miata, but older and cooler".

"I don't have room", etc. is just an excuse.

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Makes me a little sad.

If it makes you feel any better, a gal I used to be with had a pristine 65 mustang convertible with pony interior. She made the mistake of selling it to a guy who rented the room in the basement of her condo building.

She’d always kept it garaged, but when she sold it, she needed the garage for her car. The guy was a bit of a Rave lifestyle partier and kept it on the street in front of her condo, so she basically had to watch it deteriorate for two years until the guy moved out.

At least your Speedster will find a living home.

@RoyP, the accident was a rear ender - me into the back of a Honda.  I won't bore everyone here with the story again, but I had a brake issue that wasn't obvious except in a panic stop.  Beck replaced the front end body work and painted the front of the car.  If your comment "It definitely looks like it has had paintwork" is about the slightly darker shade on the doors, it's always been that way.  This was one of the early Brazilian built cars, and they may have done some touch-up before I got it.  The paint from the windshield back is original and in great shape.  Pictures show the mismatch but it's almost invisible in the flesh.  The paintwork on the front is excellent.  There was no frame or mechanical damage except a slight bend to one of the front body mounts.  The car would have been drivable except the fuel line was leaking.

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