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88987D02-6B01-48E4-A5DF-FE80F3749D89If you’ve been out driving and enjoying your ride, you may have missed the fact that my old (now Tom Lorenzo's) Speedster has been listed in Bring a Trailer by Special Edition where it has been for sale on commission. Check it out if you’ve never seen it. Buy it if you’re on the fence. Enjoy it if you do. One of a kind in many ways.

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@DannyP posted:

Great car, great motor.

I rode bit high in it, but I ride a bit high in everybody's car but my own.

The motor is astounding-- an iron fist in a velvet glove. It's got a punch like Mike Tyson in his prime: it just comes out of nowhere and will drop a man right now. I used to argue the merits of a big Type 1-- but after driving that car, I just shut up and went to my neutral corner.

I built the twin-plug motor based on 10 minutes behind the wheel of the car when it was Rich's.

I blame this car for my detour into the ether.

My first drive in this car was with Rich driving. Right of the bat coming off the clutch in first gear my first impression was “Holly $h_t”  and this feeling continued to this day.

i have been privileged to have been the care taker for the last 5 years.  

Thank you Rich for your support all these years and for your creativity putting together such a beast. 

Tom L

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@edsnova posted:

Well hell, a twin-plugged 2.7 liter Type 4 ought to impress. What are we looking at here, Rich? About 270 hp? Maybe a little more?

From the listing:

"An included build sheet projects 200 horsepower at 8k rpm"

200 hp is something everybody claims, and very few people attain. I had a "dyno-proven" 200 hp 2332 once. I drove them back to back (my Lord-zilla and this car when it was Rich's). There is no comparison. This car is a whole 'nuther sumthun'.

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I'm thinking 230 hp or so. Same or very close specs to a Spyder engine in England owned by "mightyspyder" over at I believe built during the same time-frame as well.

Yes, someone did get a super deal.  As my Dad used to say “things happen for a reason.”

Thank you all here for your help during this auction. 

The SE team did a great job listing this car for me. 

Tom L

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