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Took a trip to CA to visit family and my new VMC Speedster.

I was absolutely blown away by how amazing it looked. Pictures really don’t do it justice… The ivory exterior and red interior just pops!

I was able to drive it around a little bit. First I took my niece for a little spin, then my sister. They loved it.  It was really fun to drive. Power felt really good and I loved the sound. It is going to be a blast. Even during that little bit of driving some guy at a gas station yelled “nice car” while we were sitting at a light.

it will ship next week and I should have it the week after. It’s going to be a tough 2 weeks.


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Thanks everyone. It arrived in 4 days from CA to LA. Not bad and earlier than expected.  

I got the title on Tuesday and showed up at the Office of Motor Vehicles early on Wednesday  to be first in line. I was armed with the invoice, pictures of the car, pictures of the VIN, the title, and proof of insurance. I was hoping I’d be good to go. Denied. They need a signed bill of sale with original signatures. So Greg and Anna immediately sent that and I should get it tomorrow. UPS usually arrives around 1pm so I took the day off tomorrow to go to the OMV if the timing works out. With any luck I’ll be walking out with plates tomorrow after noon and will be able to drive it this weekend. Not holding my breath though. Wouldn’t surprise me if they come up some more B.S. and it takes a few more trips.

I’ve driven it around the neighborhood a few times but that’s it.

If it makes you feel better, Massachusetts (your totally opposite "sister-state" way to the Northeast) also requires an original, signed bill of sale, too, regardless of a new sale or a used car sale.

Just to add to Alan's comments (all good)  - Be prepared with ALL of the documentation you can possibly find to support what you're trying to do, but ONLY give them what they ask for unless it's all going south and you think that additional info will help your cause.

It's also OK to simply say, "I don't think this is working so I'm going home to re-think it," and get up and walk out.  They won't really care, trust me - You're just one of dozens they see every day.  

Then go to a different DMV office as Alan recommended and try again there - Different DMV people might (probably) understand things totally differently.  And don't be afraid to ask for help from their supervisor - Sometimes that can make a big difference. too.

I've also found, here in Massachusetts, that visiting the head office of the DMV has ALWAYS been easier than dealing with a satellite office, but that might not be an option for most of you in bigger states.

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Yes, finally got a license plate today! Took her out for about 40 miles around my small town, the freeway, and some back roads. Received at least a dozen waves, a honk, and several nods of approval. Filled her up with gas and got two complements at the gas station.

Getting used to the handling. She tracks straight and true on good roads. Cruised quite a bit at 70mph and got her up to 80mph. I think that’s about as fast as I’ll take it.  Straights are fine at those speeds but even gentle turns at 50-60 were a little unsettling, or maybe I just need to learn the car more. I need to check tire pressures and maybe try some different pressures. On the freeway in the right lane I traveled over some bad rutted and grooved pavement and at 70 that was a little spooky. Constant corrections and then corrections to the corrections. But, I didn’t buy this to really be used as a sports car. I have an Alfa 4C for that. This is for leisurely cruising and traveling back in time.

Glad I got the 2332 but I think the 1915 would have been ok.  Acceleration feels strong, especially when you hit 2nd and 3rd. 70 mph is about 3k rpm in 4th and the engine seems happy anywhere between 2k and 5k.

Overall, I’m thrilled. It is so beautiful I can just stare at it. Being able to drive it around is icing on the cake.

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