My VDM GT Steering Wheel

Its been a long wait, but my VDM GT Steering Wheel is done.  Mike Lempert took 13 months to fishing this project.  I have bitched and moaned the last few months because I felt that this took way too long to complete.   That said, I will let you guys/gals know the final results when the wheel is in my hands and installed in the car.  Flat 390mm, Custom Trim Ring, and 100% Bolivian Rosewood with no stain (just clear varnish).  Here is a few shots. 

Lempert VDM GT Bolivian Rosewood-3Lempert VDM GT Bolivian Rosewood-2Lempert VDM GT Bolivian Rosewood

Marty Grzynkowicz

1959 Intermeccanica, Subaru H2O Turbo (Convertible D-GT) "Le Cafe Macchiato"


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Thanks! The weather is turning and the car is going into storage soon.  I hope to get the wheel installed before hand.  Unfortunately the weather has turned and I'm running out of nice days.  We are in the low 50s and below freezing at night.  Maybe an Indian summer will show before the long ****-show we call Winter.  Our Spring is really just Winter-light

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