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Call Carey at Special Edition , a windshield is shipped in a special carton that keeps it safe.

Beck 356 Porsche Speedster and Chamonix 550 Spyder Replica / Kit Cars (

The glass place will more than likely have no idea as to the old school installation process, ( it's out of most shop's Wheelhouse)  there is also a windshield installation thread on the SOC how to do it.  You can also PM me for details and or have to shop get in touch with me.

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Carey Hines at Special Edition (Beck)


Phones:  (574) 546-4656 - shop
(866) 396 - BECK  (2325) Toll Free
Like Alan, I've bought and installed half a dozen of their windshields.  Great quality, decent pricing and lots of support if you need it.
Alan and I wrote the windshield install article on this forum and we can get you through installing a new one.  

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