Hi Everyone, hope you’re having a great weekend!  I came across a replica, but am having a very difficult time identifying what it is (or was originally supposed to be).  Can anyone help me figure out what this is exactly (good, bad, ugly)?  Thank you very much!



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!dwight posted:

it is a replica of a glockler porsche

Is it pretty common for some not to have the doors?  Also, based on the high level photos does it appear to be a pretty well done replica?  Thank you for your time and help!

No doors would be hard to get into and worse out of.  The side door ding strip, aftermarket luggage rack, and aftermarket mirrors spoil the total package for me.  The cookie-cutter wheels are ok but it needs to be lowered and have lower-profile tires.


I'm interested to know why you think that car represents a Glocker-Porsche.  You may have better research sources than I do.  My research shows that there were three separate iterations of the Glocker, none of which look like the car in the photo.

Thank you everyone for responding, I’m admittedly a noob and everything anyone/ everyone has to say matters!  The car is in western US registered as VW, and I’m faced with the challenging decision of whether (or not) to invest $8K to purchase.  To be 100% candid, I don’t know enough about these outside of fascination and curiosity to be educated at the level I’d like to be and therefore am relying on the good natured folks on this site to teach me what I need to know in short order.  It’s not an ideal circumstance I know, but nonetheless it’s the situation I’m in, so thank you again for input.

If I had to ask 2 main questions, it’s these:

1.  Would you pay $8K for this?

2.  From a body perspective, what would it cost to get it right (from where it’s at)?

With no doors, it seems to match up to Glockner Spyders (also was known as Mroz Coachbuilders in Anaheim and Fullerton, CA).  I don't know if they still exist but there is a phone number. The no doors simplifies construction and makes for a stiffer body.  At $8k and decent running - would be a fun car for weekend jaunts.  Make sure it can be registered in your state or universe. 

Maybe post it on The Samba under kit cars and see if the dune buggy guys have seen it or another around. https://www.thesamba.com/vw/forum/viewforum.php?f=38

Glockler Spyders
217 East Alvarado St
Fallbrook, CA 92028
(760) 728-9615
Glockler 550 Spyder for unmodified ’58-74 VW, Turnkeys start at $11,500

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Thank you, I just posted to the Samba and will see if anyone has additional information (link below).  Ultimately I’m looking for a fun car my wife and I can cruise by the ocean every now and again.  My mechanical skills are OK, but I don’t really want to take on a science project or just lost into a money pit.  The car looks fun, but I also don’t know what I don’t know, so it’s a bit daunting.


If you love it $8k probably is OK. You sure won't see another one coming at you down the road!

Be aware: it's not a replica of a Porsche. It doesn't look like a 356 Speedster or a 550 Spyder. It's just a cool sporty dune buggy-type thing made out of an old Bug. Really that's all any of these cars are. This one's just a little different.

How's it run? VW running gear is simple to work on but you can spend money chasing power—or chasing gremlins if you're paying a mechanic. 

It’s worth whatever the buyer wants to pay for it.  I’m all sorts of happy with my VS; I know I got a great deal when I bought it and this may be one vehicle I could possibly turn a profit on...if, and it’s a big IF, I ever let it go.  Personally, this one isn’t really my cup of tea but I really do appreciate the uniqueness of it.  I can’t say I’ve ever seen another one like that.

Now...from the  “money pit” standpoint: once you start making little changes you quite possibly may never stop!  I speak from experience.

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