New 200 Mile Vintage Speedster - NOW WITH VIDEO

This little guy is BRAND NEW!

So why sell it with such low miles?  
Vintage Speedsters has been kind enough to build this example car for viewing, publicity and support of  We are presenting the car on behalf of Vintage Speedsters for their prospective customers.  If you would like to view the car to see what can be built by Vintage Speedsters, you are welcome to come see it in the SF Bay Area, CA.  If you don't want to wait for custom production of your own Vintage Speedster, you can purchase the car outright, for less than it would cost from the factory.

Hand-built cars are known for their initial teething issues.  This speedster was specifically built to spec by Vintage Speedsters.  I then drove it for 200 miles and carefully inspected all the tiny bits.  Some cosmetic items were replaced, latches tightened, mechanics inspected, paint polished, etc.  The result is, a new Vintage Speedster, no production wait, priced under factory cost and has it’s initial 200 mile teething issues worked out.  It brakes straight, drives smooth and looks fabulous. It is registered on it’s VW Vin in California and smog exempt.

The biggest issue with the car is the amount of people that crowd around it. Going to the corner store or gas station can take much longer than expected when you have a crowd of 5-10 people.  Everyone is amazed that you can still purchase a hand-built coach work car, with the amenities of a modern car, but the beauty of a classic.

It’s located in San Jose, CA and posted on before going to eBay.  
Retail straight from Vintage this would be $32,500 - With our club discount it is $29,995 USD obo1 - 1

  • Built on VW pan and tube framed by Vintage Speedsters
  • Clear VW California Title
  • 200 miles


  • Interior – Diamond Pattern Baseball
  • Exterior – Azure Blue/Silver

Engine / Chassis:

  • 1915cc Type 1 – Dual Carb
  • 3:88 “Freeway-Flyer” Transmission
  • Front Disc Brakes
  • External Spin-On Oil Filter
  • Tri-Mill Exhaust


  • Carrera Louvered Deck Lid
  • Cross-Stitch Custom Seats and Door Panels
  • Bee-Hive Taillights
  • Shine Down License Plate
  • Retro-Radio, USB, Bluetooth and Hands-Free
  • Underdash Hidden Speakers
  • Water-resistant Marine Carpet
  • All-Weather Rubber Mats
  • Trunk Carpet
  • Nardi Steering Wheel


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