Good rule of thumb: turn the handle to unlatch the door, but DON'T use the handle as a door pull. Install separate door pulls or just use the top of the door to pull it shut.

The handles that came on my VS were so soft they literally bent in my hand just from opening the door a few times:



The $12 EMPI handles I replaced them with, while no works of art, are much better and have actually held up OK.


It could be this is what VS generally used, but maybe they were out of them the day my interior was trimmed out.

I think Carey Hines has pretty decent ones, for a few dollars more

Don't know how a handle could just pop off without the lock pin snapping or falling out.



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I purchased my used OEM German ones from them, wagenwerks.  And a few other bits over the years.   They are down near Victorville... when ever I head down there ( we store aircraft down there) I try to stop by their shop.

Great service, and cheap... solid as a rock.  They sent me pics before purchasing.   Just call them.  VERY helpfull staff.

Hi Guys ,
Very helpful - no wonder everyone likes this forum ! What I still don’t understand is why the door handles wobble and are loose on the spindle and new VW handles will presumably do the same ? it’s hard to imagine if the parts are from an old VW that they did the same - wobbling and would come off in your hand ?! Maybe the spindles are reproduced and not well made ? I have asked Greg at VW Spyders as to whether his spindles and handles are interchangeable with VS ones and awaiting a reply from him .
Thanks for all your help ,

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Chris, I don't know this for a fact of course, but it sounds like you don't have the handle pushed in far enough before you get that pin in place. 

I have put them on that way and you think the pin is in the groove, but it isn't. Like I said before, it's a really weak design. 

But once put on correctly, I've never had one come off. 

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