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OK, on to the next item. The shifter. I am not a big fan of the traditional shifter in most 356's. I was thinking of something a little more modern, but not too crazy. Tasteful but sporty. Suggestions?

@Joel Roth

Joel, long story short, here'e a link to fellow SOCer Kevin Zagar's shop, CoolRyde Customs, located in San Diego CA. Just wanted to offer more options for you to consider.

Take some time to look through his website, very cool stuff on there.

A Boxster/Cayman/911 transmission has two separate inputs for shifting on the exterior of the transmission. It was designed for cables from the get-go.

Subaru has a conventional shift rod like VW and Porsche USED to.

Anyway, THIS thread is about Joel's Boxster-powered Beck coupe. Subaru talk is well, unnecessary thread drift.

If you want to talk about Subaru shift setups, start your own thread.

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For Joel's build the plan is to use the stock Boxster cable shifter, straight from the donor car with custom length cables for routing purposes.  The plastic base will hide in the tunnel so all you'll see if a shift lever/boot/knob.  The trans is setup for cables from the factory and it works very well.  No point in trying to reinvent the wheel there.

To address the other comments:

Subaru trans as a mid engine, I use the stock Subaru rod shifter, lengthened and offset to reverse motion.  It is tight and crisp.

Subaru trans as a rear engine I use a Vintage Speed shifter with modified VW linkage.  The VS shifter has been out standard for many years now.

VW trans as a rear engine, same as above.

VW trans as a mid engine, I use a modified PBS cable system.  Best cable shifter for midVW ever IMHO

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