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Chris and I made the ten minute trip over to Northborough, MA (Summer home of Daniel Wesson of Smith and Wesson fame) to the Lalajava coffee cafe for their monthly event.  Last month they maybe got 20 cars.   This month over a hundred showed up and the line for coffee and Danish was way out the door.

My youngest grandson, Josh, got his first ride in my Speedster and loved it (He's been too little for his folks to approve before this).  It was also his first ride in a convertible of any model and spent a lot of time looking up at the trees passing by overhead.  All in all, a very fun morning, even if it was HOT!  🔥

Here are some captioned photos:

The line-up:  Hot Rod Charlie's '82 911 Outlaw, Chris' neighbor's 996, Chris' 996 and Pearl - We thought we were pretty patriotic in Red, White and Blue.  Hot Rod Jimmy's '59 356 Cabriolet is sitting just behind Pearl.   Hot Rod Jimmy and Hot Rod Charlie are brothers.


There must have been over 100 cars there, mostly Porsches and two 356 Replicas, Pearl and Al Silvestrie's Intermeccanica.IMG_1794

I think that's an Alpha Romeo on the left end, sitting with the muscle cars 'cuz he arrived late.  There's a closer shot coming up.IMG_1795IMG_1796IMG_1797

Even the muscle cars looked showroom fresh.IMG_1798

I think this is an Alpha.  It kind of snuck in as it was really quiet.IMG_1799

This one's for @Sacto Mitch  A freshly restored (professionally) BMW 2002 with zero dust, anywhere.  I think I heard him say that it is a modified M1(?)  engine with electronic fuel injection.  IMG_1800

This guy looked like he was looking for 1983........   The local 356 guys used to line up on this side but none of them have shown up this year, so far.IMG_1801

Here's the totally rust-free BMW engine bay, looking like it left the dealership yesterday.  Speaking with the happy owner, I don't think this car is ever going to be driven the way it was intended when new.IMG_1802

This is becoming one of those C&C events that you need to arrive at well before 8am or there are no more available parking spots.  There's another lot out back for overflow, but few people make the trek back there unless they're parked back there.  I suppose we should have put the blue car on the right, huh?IMG_1803

So, not bad for kicking off the Summer Season.  A crisp 83F on the ride home around 9am and almost perfect while you were moving.  IMG_1804

Now I'll see if any of these photos uploaded and displayed correctly.

Let me know if they didn't!


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Looks like a nice morning, Gordon.

That 2002 has more than a few mods - from the wheels and fender flares on up.

Performance from the US detoxed 2-liter was anything but 'ultimate' by the mid 70s (that one is '74-'76). Most folks swapped in a single Weber at the very least, some did twin Webers, the adventurous went with EFI.

The cost of doing a bare metal restoration is such today, that you might as well add some beans, too. A lot of folks also add a five-speed from an early 3-Series, for a decent cruising gear. Stock, they turned 3800 at 70 mph in fourth.

I kept mine in really clean, original shape, and perfect running condition, but was only able to get $1500 for it in 1999.

If you hurry, you should be able to pick up this one on BaT for under $60,000:



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Gordon's friend probably said the engine was 'M10' based, not M1.

The 2-liter in the 2002 (which began life at 1.5 liters in the 'Neue Classe' car that saved the company in the mid-'60s) was usually referred to as the 'M10' engine.

When rebuilding, it's common to bore them out a bit.

The valve cover in Gordon's photo looks identical to the one in my old car, but the induction certainly doesn't. The battery originally lived where that air cleaner is. I would wager the new one is now between the shock towers in the trunk.

The front shock tower brace is after-market, but, curiously, the radiator is stock, as is the brake fluid reservoir.

These cars were built like tanks. The chassis could probably handle twice the original power with no mods, but there was a lot of body roll built in and most modern drivers want to flatten that out with suspension upgrades.



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