Hi mates,

I am an italian 58 y. former classic vehicles mechanic and owner, and like to enter in this nice Porsche world while waiting to buy another , maybe "ultimate"  Ferdy Porsche's masterpiece. 

My love for aircooled boxer engined cars started lot of years ago, with a series of standard and tuned VWs I owned .

The last was a '69 Beetle 1500 cabriolet (but with a bit of 356 inside...) I restored to the highest standard by myself ... unfortunately sold some moths ago, due the money I need for another "project". 

After closing my old workshop eight years ago , now I'm involved in classic cars , motorcycles , airplanes and boats gauges reproduction.

The above items are mainly used as "automobilia"  and motoring furnishing accessories as for normal purpose.

I already did some Ferrari, Land Rover, Mercedes and Ford Mustang reproduction, but my present work is focused on a "king size" 356 Speedster dashboard panel copy, with working instruments and warning lights.

Note:  the above version cannot be fitted on the true car, due all gauge hands are moved by  little electric engines,, but materials , sizes and look of the cockpit and dials will be really similar to the original item with the leather top , too.

Now I consider a perfect working replica too expensive , nevertheless don't completely reject the idea to manufacture it in future, if there were some requests.

I apologize for my long presentation, but when a new foreign user cames in a forum, lot of question normally arrive, so like let you known about my background  avoiding to  steal space to more technical subjects.




P.S. Sorry for the "enemy" Ferrari F1 '55 dashboard repro, but the 356 is still a work in progress.... 





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Thanks for the warm welcome, pale.

My  apology was due the fact that a  tipical italian attitude is  "loving Ferrari only", while I have always appreciated the more affordable and simpler but not slow aircooled, too. 


Stay in contact: when the first prototypes will be ready for shooting, your feedbacks are welcome.



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