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I have been in love with Speedsters since the 50s. I just finished a pretty complicated build and am going to buy a turnkey. From the research I've done, I've decided the SAS with a 300hp Subaru is my choice. The mid-engine gives better handling and there is a lot of attention to detail. Any SAS owners here for feedback? Thanks, Al


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How many years are you willing to wait? You'd be wise to search past posts.

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Unfortunately, an additional 55 years may be necessary, as there are an unknown number of buyers who have paid deposits, but not gotten cars.  SAS will not let others know how many buyers are in the queue.  Some of us who survived the queue made a list, and we had 19 definite buyers at last count.  Of course, every once in a while, a new members appears on this site or others who has paid a deposit X number of years ago, and no one knew of his presence.  SAS will not discuss the number of people waiting.  BE VERY CAREFUL.  Since Aug. 2013, one car has been completed.  

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As part your research, contact Carey Hines at Special Edition in Bremen, IN.  www.beckspeedster.com.  He can build you a Suby Speedster, but won't do turbo in a Speedster because of legitimate technical concerns.  I'm having my air-cooled converted to 175 hp NA Suby this winter.  You can take whatever he says to the bank.

Al W posted:

Does any other builder other than SAS do a mid-engine?

Stan Galat, '05 IM, 2276, Tremont, IL posted on 5/12/15:

That's it. I'm in the game. 

I'm taking orders for mid-engined speedsters, water-tight, and built around a cabon-fiber monocoque. The cars will have a Viper V10 (supercharged and chipped), a Porsche 991 7-speed manual, and push-rod suspension. Vented 4-wheel disc all around. LED lighting, Z-rated tires on Coddington wide-5s, and a curb-weight of less than 2000 lbs. 

The price will be $29,999 base, with options from there. We can talk and talk and talk about your ideas. I'll require a 50% deposit up front to hold your space in line, a 27.5% engineering deposit (you know... for engineering), and a 15% deposit for incidentals. You can pay the balance on delivery. Lead time will be right at 2 years, 6 months, and 15 days, give or take a bit. 

The deposit needs to be in small, unmarked bills. I'm a crusty old sort, so don't hassle me while I'm brainstorming. It'll make me take longer, or put you to the back of the line (just to prove I can). The queue will remain a mystery, but it's filling up fast. There are just enough people in line already for you to feel comfortable, and few enough to give you hope. I can't get into who's already in line for reasons of confidentiality, but it'll be a bit before I can start on yours. 

Meanwhile, I'll be busy sourcing the V10, and testing it in it's donor-car application (Viper). I'll also need to buy a few 991s to get the best possible 7-speed for your car. As a service to you, I'll drive the car for at least 50k mi, just to make sure it's everything I want it to be. I'm also thinking of having the suspension bits fabbed up in Mexico, probably in the Cabo San Lucas area- so I'm going to need to spend 3 or 4 weeks there every winter following up on things, and making sure everything is A-OK. The monocoques are being laid up in Monoco, in the same shops the F1 teams use. I'll need to be there for a couple of months a year as well, to make sure everything stays on track. It should be clear that I'd do anything for you. 

Actually, while I was laying out my plans here, I took another order and I'm thinking of a price increase. I'll honor my quote, but you'll need to get me the deposit(s) by Monday noon, or you'll need to pay the price increase. I'd recommend leaving the cash in a Hefty leaf bag behind the dumpster at the One World Coffee and Cargo on Main and University. Call on your burner phone when you make the drop, and I'll have one of my associates pick it up. 

I'll get to you soon. Your car is going to be fantastic!

Well, I'm a huge SE fan, but the closest builder to you that appears to make an excellent product (I haven't seen one in person) is Seduction Motorsports.


AL W, seriously consider Stan's offer.

There's a much better chance that you'll get a car from him than from SAS - and Stan doesn't build cars.

If you're finding this all a little confusing, keep searching the archives here for 'SAS'.

Whatever you do, DO NOT send them any money, any credit card numbers, your telephone number or address, or even your shoe size.

If you do have some money that you never want to see again, you can send it to me. You see, I've just inherited several million dollars that, unfortunately, is tied up in a bank in your state and I need your help in having it released to me. I'm willing to give you half if you'll first send me a $10,000 handling fee.

To get the ball rolling, send me your full name, street address, social security number, bank account info, and your mother's maiden name.


Al W posted:

LOL Actually it all sound good except for that heavy ass V10

Al, Stan may have written that tongue in cheek, but you don't know how close to reality it is (except for the dropping the money off in a Hefty bag by the dumpster; that part was sooo waaay over the top!...).

Seriously- Read Jim's response again and then forget about giving that guy any money. You will never see your money again and he will never build you a car. Drill the previous sentence into your brain, please! Any more contact with him and we can't help you. I know a 300hp mid engine, Subaru powered Speedster sounds like a small slice of automotive heaven, and it would be if they actually built cars, but they just don't turn them out often enough. Al

PS - Ok, Mitch, that was the laugh of the day! And you forgot to mention my $5,000 handling fee...

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This site is the BEST place to do your research about builders and reputations. Hoping to avoid a flame war, but here's the cliff notes going from low to high in price and quality.

Vintage - VW Pan - SoCal

JPS - VW Pan - SoCal

SE - Custom Chassis - IN

Intermeccanica - Custom Chassis - Vancouver,  BC

Seduction Motorsports - Custom Chassis - Phoenix (I don't know where they fall on the price and quality scale, but somewhere in the range of SE & IM).

If they still have this one, I might take a look at it. It has some bad rear end damage, but it might be repairable.

Tom Blankinship posted:

This site is the BEST place to do your research about builders and reputations. Hoping to avoid a flame war, but here's the cliff notes going from low to high in price and quality.

Vintage - VW Pan - SoCal

JPS - VW Pan - SoCal

SE - Custom Chassis - IN

Intermeccanica - Custom Chassis - Vancouver,  BC

Seduction Motorsports - Custom Chassis - Phoenix (I don't know where they fall on the price and quality scale, but somewhere in the range of SE & IM).

Well, Tom, IMHO, you have a couple of builders on there that should be switched in position.  But no big flames coming from me...this topic has been discussed too many times before.

The Kirkham aluminum bodied Cobra was really nasty, 427 Ford aluminum 496" billet stoker, four 2 barrel throttle bodies, 717 hp in a 2150 lb car. Ran it 1/4 mile once on street tires 10.40 @ 147 mph. Scared hell out of me the first time I drove it. Wish I still had it.

The video below is of a factory car at Mid Ohio. It ran 11 races, was being sorted out the first race and didn’t finish, it won the next 10 setting a course record each race, and won the Super Unlimited Championship. It was 45 less hp than my car. My car can be registered and street driven or track driven.




Here's something from an ad.

If you've ever wanted to own a true supercar at a very reasonable price, take a look at this one. It's a stunning example of a hand crafted SuperLite street-legal race car, with a 200 mph+ top end.The owner purchased this SuperLite SLC Coupe from the factory as a finished rolling chassis, and completed the build to his exacting specifications. As you will see, he spared no expense in the construction. It is painted red with black interior,  Mannex air conditioning and heating are installed. The engine is a modified Corvette LS7 mated with a Ricardo six speed transaxle, originally designed for a Ford GT. The LS7 has a LS9 oil pump that with a higher volume Petersen oil sump tank. Both engine and transaxle are fitted with oil coolers. The LS7 has custom headers and mild cylinder head porting. The Ricardo transaxle incorporates a Ford GT throw-out bearing, Stillen two disc Ford GT clutch and pressure plate. Installed components include CCW wheels and a Ram Lift Pro front lift kit. The front clip hinges, rear clip hinges, defuser struts, rear defuser/wing mount, radiator plenum, radiator cover, inside headlight aluminum cover, rear aluminum wheel wells, rear aluminum floor pan, undercoat floorpan, gas tank tunnel, sump, filler, vent, front canards, one piece stainless radiator lines, custom headers and exhaust are custom fabricated. Painless wiring throughout with Stardrive Lexus ignition,  custom LED tail lights and front parking lights, all sending units are from Classic instruments. Extensive bodywork includes custom NACA ducts, scoop, etc., front clip upper fender louvers, under door custom oil cooler NACA vents, rear clip NACA vents, rear clip reverse facing scoop for air cleaner, custom rear clip for tail lights, roof plenum for engine air. Modfied the dash to accommodate upgraded instruments. Reworked air gaps in fiberglass body for a better cosmetic finish. Other touches include filling door handle holes, upgrading fiberglass on front clip, and finishing inner front spider vents. Aluminum panels were fabricated to back up all metal connection points on fiberglass components, adding structural integrity. The body /door/ clip spacing reveal/gaps have been upgraded and aligned. The Ricardo transaxle is mated with a Ford GT Shifter, ARP clutch and pressure plate, header, and stub axel bolts. Fuel is fed through an Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump, with pre and post filters and regulator and an Aeromotive Billet Fuel Pump Speed Controller. AC pump and condenser have custom mounts. The wiring harness was remade to fit the installation with Aeroquip lines and fittings, over 60 wires shortened or lengthened, soldered, and double heat shrunk. All wires are covered with Painless wire wrap. The Ricardo transaxel has been tested, evaluated and dialed in by RPM Transmission in Cincinnati. Mannex supplies the AC and heat. Gauges are Classic Instruments Auto Cross in a custom hand laid dash. Switches are Auto Loc Latching Billet Button/Switch. Seats are Kirkey with Crow six point seat belts. Doors open with actuators from key fob. Paint is pure toner red and black chrome. Interior is grey synthetic leather. Black Mercedes grade carpet. Over $129K in parts, and over 3000 hours of labor a $55/hr. makes the total investment in this car almost $300,000 US dollars. You can own it for half that price. Al Wohlstrom 520-401-9142 Partial trade considered.


Honestly, I think SAS makes the most unique 356 replica there is...  There have been at least 5 previously owned ones for sale in the past 2 years.  I got lucky and found one.

i was just about ready to go with a Beck Subaru, when I found one for sale.

Jethro, Having built a mid engine car and knowing the handling capabilities, that is one of the reasons I want an SAS. That along with the suspension, ABS, trunk space, attention to detail, etc. What hp engine do you have?

Troy Sloan posted:

This must be a joke.   Nobody who has read the comments about SAS here could possibly be considering ordering one.

Anyone who is stupid enough to give them money after reading about SAS here deserves what they get and are way past any help we can give him. You're being  too polite, Troy; pulling punches doesn't help here.

Al W posted:

I kind of get that idea, at my age a 2 year wait at best is a longgg time.


There seems to be something we are all saying that isn't getting through. There was a guy on here within the last month who has paid almost all of the total quoted price, and has waited more than 10 years. 

Please, do a search. Read real world experiences. It's not 2 years.

It's not ever. 

I have read all that you have said, I have no intention of ordering a car.  So you can un wad your knickers and relax. I would like to buy a used one though. Two years or more at 72 is longer than at 42, given the useful time left. 

I am very happy to be welcomed! Since I'm all hot about a mid engine , how about the best tube frame Spyder?

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