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Senna's dad - Awesome car! Welcome to The Madness (otherwise known as Speedster/Spyder replica ownership)! Lots of bang for the buck!


If you're in SoCal, check the 'Events' thread for an upcoming cruise through Malibu and Channel Island Marina (Rudder Room in Ventura). We're meeting in malibu on Jan 25th. Hope to see you there. Meanwhile, enjoy the ride! 

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With an out-of-state titled car, the California registration using SB100 (specialty construction) is much easier if your car has at least 7500 miles on the odometer.  The rest of the process is fairly straightforward: get one of the 500 numbers allotted for that calendar year, go to California CHP for a VIN attachment and to prove parts aren't stolen, then go to a smog referree, then register.  You can Google California SB100 to get lots of info.  The Cobra guys' sites are very informative.  Best of luck and please let others know your experience.  I did it in Jan. 2013 and it was not too bad.


So I went to my local DMV on Wednesday, spent about 15 minutes with the inspector; he came back and gave me a referral form to go to the CHP to be assign a new VIN then come back to the DMV to finish the registration. Am I only two appointments away from getting a California registration? Seems like there should also be a required smog check certificate, but that was not mentioned.


Chamonix = Beck. Kevin Hines formed that company to build bodies and bonded chassis.
My Beck Speedster started out in Brazil and was finished in Bremen, IN.
The Beck process is now all done in Bremen, Indiana.
It's possible that Fibersteel bought a body from Beck and then finished the assembly.  This is what most likely came from Brazil 
It sounds like you have a Beck Spyder pre-assembled body kit that was purchased by Fibersteel where the final assembly occurred. 
To be legal, it should be titled as an assembled vehicle, not a Porsche.
Carey Hines from Beck could probably help you locate the original Chamonix/Beck VIN number.
Originally Posted by Senna's dad:

Thanks guys, I was told the VIN plate is actually from a 1956 Porsche type 356.

The chassis and body is from Chamonix in Brazil and assembled by Fibersteel.


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