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Vintage 190 Aluminum wheel 4x130 bolt pattern 10 slot  use of early moon or nipple hub cap.

If you want the wide five look and don't want to change your 4x130 brakes here is the solution, these wheels come with bolt on hub cap clips and use the wide five moon caps or nipple caps! No need to change out your 4x130 brakes.

Available now 15x4.5 and 15x5.5 silver

coming soon 15x4.5 and 15x5.5 Polished

soon to be added to our website.

If its not real... it never will be!!!!


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  • vintage 190 4x130
  • vintage 190 4x130 2
  • vintage190 4x130 3
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@VSpyder VERY NICE GREG!  You are an innovator!

  This four bolt option would have saved many of us (me) lots and lots of learning about converting to a 5 bolt set up / brakes when I decided my four bolt car could not live without your AWESOME Vintage 190 wheels,  what feels like five years ago now....... No regrets... LOVE you five bolt 190s...and I learned about changing and servicing my brakes, and all related bits one has to do when converting from a four bolt to a five.

Great option for those with four bolt cars.  


Greg, how do I get moved to the top of the wait list without arousing suspicion?

Do you have a bank account in the Bahamas for, uh, contributions, or is it handled through limited partnerships with nebulous sounding names?

Shoot me an email with details, or no, wait, I'll send you another email address I use for stuff like this.

Look for a message from 'Americans For Rolling Reform'.


I think 6" in the back and 5" up front on a Spyder would be good. The 185s would fit nicely on the 5s and, with the right offset, wouldn't rub any more than the 190s do now. 205s on the 6s out back would look real nice too. The front existing 4.5" 190s would have to be widened 1/4" inside and out, and the 5.5"s 1/2" to the inside. 

Of course, If I were willing to get a little body work done, 195s on 5.5" up front would open  up more tire selections. If I was going to go that far, then 215s or 225s out back would be pretty sporty. With some minor body modifications of course.

This is what keeps me up at night.

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