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I just put on a set of KBY Silver Road Tamers (gas shock absorber).
You get them from CB Performance You can also get
the KYB racing shock. I think the racing shock is little to much for
the spyder at 1300 lbs and is not raced. I just put them on and they seem ok, but it was 25deg F so I only went about mile.


thanks Jim
I have been driving mine with the top on it. Yesterday I put the sidecurtains on and boy, what a difference, it was a pleasant drive.
Here in GA its been in the 30s in the morning then warms up a little in the afternoon, really not bad at all with the top and side curtains.
I'll give CB a call.
Thanks again
Was driving up one of the canyon roads from Beverly Hills to the San Fernando Valley following a black Lincoln Limo in my Vintage Spyder. This gets embarrassing; the guy checks me out and then proceeds to floor it, leaving me in the dust. I tried to follow but found my Spyder handling terribly. Instead of having a wreck I decided to back off and get a new pair of Bilstein shocks for the front. Made an appointment with Greg at Vintage to do the same in the rear, again Bilstein. Greg also has to replace the trailing arms with a set he modifies. Now I can honestly say my car handles like it should and I feel safer driving it. I don't have a sway bar on my car and was wondering if this is needed. Thanks for your time. Karl Dempwolf
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